Different Types of Sewing Thread Packages

Different Types of Sewing Thread Packages in the Textile Industry

Thread packages are the most essential equipment in the garments manufacturing industry. It is the length in place by using weight. It must be possible to purchase it in economically large or small quantities, even as nonetheless having the proper wide variety of separate packages available for use on multi-thread machines the basic function of a thread is to deliver aesthetics and overall performance in stitches and seams. It is sold via length rather than by weight and is available in a variety of forms of packages appropriate to the thread type and its end-use. In the this article, we discuss details on Different Types of Sewing Thread Packages in the Textile Industry.

The choice of the bundle is essential if sewing is to be trouble-free and thread management by the operator is to be minimized. Where a number of machines are involved in the production of a style and shade of garment, enough thread packages of suitable size must be available without excess stock of thread being required. This article discusses the Different types of sewing thread packages.

Different Types of Sewing Thread Packages
Different Types of Sewing Thread Packages

Sewing Thread Packages Name:

  • Spool
  • Cop
  • Cone
  • Vicone
  • Container
  • Cocoon
  • Pre wound bobbin


Spools are the smallest packages. Spools are used to a small extent on slower industrial machines. Mainly in shoe and leather goods manufacturing, they’re largely used for home sewing. Once made of wood, it is now constantly made of plastic. A relatively short length of thread, generally 100 or 500 m, is parallel wound onto the bobbin. Spools are not suitable for delivering thread to high-speed commercial machines.


Cops are small, cylindrical, flangeless tubes. They generally contain lengths of 1000–2500 m of thread and are a popular length in fashion manufacturing where manufacturing runs in anybody’s color are short. The cop is mainly used mainly lockstitch machines. The cop is used for furnishing the garments where the color of thread modifications frequently. They are suitable for cotton, spun polyester, spun nylon, or threads, however no longer for the glacé finish of fine filament threads where spillage from the package could be a problem.


Cones comprise 5000 m, Cones are the proper bundle for conventional stitching threads in conditions in which thread consumption is excessive, and manufacturing runs are long with limited coloration changes. They also are well automatic to machines. Cones are the perfect package deal for conventional sewing threads in conditions in which thread intake is excessive and production
runs are lengthy with limited color changes. They also are well desirable to automatic machines.

Pre-wound bobbin

Pre-wound bobbins are precision-wound thread packages that can replace metal bobbins on quite a few lockstitch machines. Conventional bobbins in those machines are inconvenient and inefficient as time is lost in starting up an empty bobbin on its winder after laminating a full one, thread tensions and lengths are variable, and faulty build-up of thread at the bobbin may cause jamming in the bobbin case.

They also inhibit over-spin all through stitching, particularly trouble on zig-zag machines. Pre-wound bobbins generally include greater thread and the length is guaranteed. Thus in instances where bobbin runout must be avoided, the number of seams that may be sewn with each bobbin can be decided and the almost empty bobbin modified in time.

Bobbin’s changing time is notably reduced and smoother unwinding results from the initial precision winding. This improves performance and quality of production. A variety of thread types are available pre-wound and in quite a few sizes to fit maximum lockstitch machines. From some manufacturers, these packages are self-supporting and haven’t any metal, wood, or paper support.


Vicone is parallel tubes or low-angled cones with an extra-base in the form of a raised flange which may comprise a small lip. They include polished or non-stop filament thread and are designed to contain any spillage that may occur in off-winding these clean threads and not using snagging or trapping while the slack thread is taken up. This type of package mostly used for the smooth thread on the filament.


The container is a large thread package. Containers are constructed to handle lively monofilament threads that could be tough to control on standard packages. An exceptionally big spool of thread is held in the container that may incorporate an additional lubricant applicator at the thread draw-off point.


Cocoons are self-supporting, Centreless, thread packages, particularly designed for insertion in the commute of multi-needle quilting machines and some kinds of embroidery machines.

Sewing thread Packages come in various forms, but they are all wound on specific carriers called packages. These packages are designed to hold the thread securely, dispense it smoothly, and be compatible with the sewing machine they’re intended for.

Different Types of Sewing Thread Packages

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