Sewing Thread Consumption of a Shirt in Apparel industry

Sewing Thread Consumption Sewing thread consumption is required to know for any apparel industry. Thread consumption is the amount the thread needed for operation at a certain length. So that merchandiser can budget the thread amount against any order. There are different types of stitches used in apparel, and each stitch consumption differs from the[…]

Bill of Material (BOM) in Apparel Industry

What is BOM in Apparel Industry? BOM is a Bill of materials; a list of materials needed for a style.  BOM sheet found in the spec sheet of customer, garments merchandiser follows the sheet handling an export order. Firstly, the merchandiser cannot work with the BOM sheet in any order. After getting an order from[…]

Corrugating Paper Sourcing Techniques for Carton box

Not many types of paper are needed for making cartons manufacturing, but we need to know many things to source the perfect paper for carton boxes. For the carton manufacturing process, its paper is important for maintaining the very good quality of the carton boxes. In this article, we are going to discuss the corrugating[…]

How to start Garments Manufacturing Business

How to start Garments Manufacturing Business in Bangladesh Starting the garments manufacturing business is getting challenging nowadays due to various reasons. The challenge begins with choosing a suitable location for establishing plants developing buyers and so on. This business’s success emerges when a set of experienced mid-management and skilled workforce produce quality goods with efficiency.[…]

Trims and Accessories used in Garments Industry

Trims and Accessories Apart from fabric, many other items/materials used to make garments called trims and accessories are used in the garments industry for making complete finished garments. Trims refer to that garment that is connected with garments whereas accessories are opposite and not attached to clothing, it’s actually ‘garnishing’ in the garments industry. Trim’s[…]

Different Types of Buttons used in Garments Industry

What is Button? A button is a fastener that joins two pieces of fabric together by slipping through a buttonhole. In modern clothing and fashion design, the use of the button is now very popular. Buttons can be used not only for clothing but also for wallets and bags. From this article, you will learn about[…]

Different Types of Zipper used in Apparel industry

Zipper A zipper is a device of clothing that is used to bind two fabrics parts together, an important part of cloth or bag. A zipper is used in a product of the apparel industry as an important trim though it is a very small part in size and functionally zipper is a very much[…]

Different Departments of Apparel Industry and their Functions

There is a long manufacturing flow in the export garments manufacturing industry, so various types of departments in the Apparel manufacturing industry have very specific functions in every department. Different Departments of Apparel Industry 1.      Human Resource (HR) & Compliance Department 2.      Marketing & Merchandising Department 3.      Store/Warehouse Department 4.      CAD and Pattern Department 5.      Design Department 6.      Sample Department 7.      Quality[…]

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