Latest Fashion Trends in India 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

India is a very large country with nearly 1.41 billion population. Indian fashion trends are an impression of the nation’s different and rich social legacy. From customary sarees to current tank tops, Indian fashion is a mix of conventional and contemporary styles that take care of a different scope of tastes and inclinations. In this[…]

What is Circular Fashion | Advantages of Circular Fashion

What is Circular Fashion | Advantages and Disadvantages of Circular Fashion Any fashion industry plays a globally famous and demanding role those have the business globally. Fashion-related organizations can attract people very easily, so these organizations are influential. Even the fashion industry is considered one of the most polluting companies globally. Moreover, it has a[…]

Basic Steps of Fashion Designing

Fashion design is art; many elements and steps are used. The ideal world of the fashion industry is filled with creative whims at every turn. New opportunities and Competitions for garment design arise daily. A fashion designer combines fabric, shape, color, trimming, and other elements to give a person a specific design appearance. And each[…]

What is Fast fashion | Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The phrase “fast fashion” refers to how quickly and affordably apparel and accessories are produced by fashion merchants in response to the newest trends in the industry. During the past few decades, fast fashion has grown in popularity, with brands like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 dominating the market. Fast fashion started in the 1990s[…]

Fast Fashion Creates over 17 million Tons of Textile Waste Annually

Fast Fashion Creates over 17 million Tons of Textile Waste Annually Did we know that people over the world are now consuming 400 further apparel compared to 20 times ago? The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) estimates that Americans induce more than 17 million metric tons of cloth waste annually, which is about 47 kilograms or 104[…]

Fast Fashion Environmental Impact | Fast Fashion Brands

A Threat to our Globe environment. It may seem like cheap clothing but there is a high environmental impact and hidden cost in our environment. So we are talking about ‘Fast Fashion’ becoming popular over the past few decades from approximately 1980/1990 to so far, with the rise of global supply chains and the growth[…]

What is Silhouette in Fashion Design | Types of Silhouettes

The outline of a person, an item, or a scene is called a silhouette, and it is typically depicted as a solid shape in the color black. The interior of the silhouette lacks any features and is primarily shown against a white or light background. The silhouette of a person, object, or scene is depicted[…]

11 Reasons why do we Wear Clothes

11 Reasons why do we Wear Clothes In ancient times, people used to wear tree bark. With the evolution of human civilization, people have been tuning into clothing. Wearing Clothes is mandatory for civilized society. Now we wear clothes mainly to protect ourselves, reduce shyness, Fashion, and Professionalism; ultimately we are humans of a civilized[…]

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