Fashion is mainly the way of approaching one self to the world. It can be by clothing, ornaments, accessories or anything else. Fashion portrays one’s taste in style and how they are taking the style. By Fashion we also reveal our culture, our tradition. Fashion is not a static or permanent mentality rather it changes according to time , place and people. It is about reflecting yourself in front of others. Each culture posses different taste of fashion but there also some Fashion trends which stays for a specific time and followed by people. Though its not always mandatory to be on Fashion or go with the flow of fashion trend, rather Fashion focuses on individuals interest and choices.

Effects of Line on Dress Design

Effects of Line on Dress Design An extension of a point, elongated mark, connection between two points, the effect of the edge of an object. Line is the most basic of the elements of design and is incorporated in many of the other design elements.  All lines have length, width, and direction.  The line can – direct[…]

Types of Fabric for Plus-size Fashion Designs

Types of Fabric for Plus-size Fashion Designs Selecting the appropriate fabric is essential for any function of clothing, but plus-size fashion design requires it much more. A curvaceous physique should be well-fitting, and comfortable, and the fabric should drape nicely. Generally, natural fibers are the best investment for plus-sized apparel fashion designs. They are easier to sew because they[…]

Importance of Fashion Concept

Importance of Fashion Concept Fashion concept:A fashion concept is a vague idea that inspires one to create in a certain manner. There is no limit to what a fashion concept can be. This is a matter of artistic vision and expression. It is unlikely that two people will share the exact same fashion concept for[…]

What are The Effects of Color in Dress?

What are The Effects of Color in Dress? An impression of fine color in dress will be gained if the colors are becoming to the person who is to wear them if they are right for the occasion and if they are selected and arranged so as to make a pleasing assemble. So color combination in[…]

Fashion Ebook Free Download

Fashion Ebook Free Download Fashion is an art. Basically, it depends on creativity. To create anything everyone to know its basic concept. To develop the theoretical concept of fashion, there is no alternative way without books. But fashion study in 3rd world countries is a new extension. So the scarcity of fashion books is undoubtedly in[…]

Costume for Men During the Period 1650-1680

Costume for Men During the Period 1650-1680 Men’s fashion during 1650-1680 went through a shift from the earlier, more flamboyant style to a more sober and structured look. Here are two main options for a costume depending on the specific year within this period. In this article, we explain the Costume for Men During the[…]

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