Materiality and Sustainability in Fashion and clothing

Sustainability is taken into account by many to be the grail for the style industry. Deciding the way to create a cloth closed-loop and finding viable alternatives to clothing ending up in landfills, are the 2 biggest challenges currently facing the style industry. That’s why during this article we’ll check out materiality and the way[…]

6 Different ways to drape a Saree

Saree Saree is called a “sari”, saree is spelling. Most popular ladies’ clothing in South Asia, especially in Indian subcontinent countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Srilanka. Rarely do women miss wearing a saree on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and any other party. Wearing a saree makes women more attractive and gorgeous; a saree[…]

Fashion Trims and Accessories for Clothing

Fashion Trims The garments are mainly made up of fabric. The garments are completed by trims whereas the accessories are used when packaging the garment. Apart from garments trims, a few other trims are used in clothing for decorative purposes, which we can call the Fashion trims. Fashion trims or trimmings are an extra part[…]

The Fashion Sense

The Fashion Sense We often hear or come across phrases the fashion sense or the right fashion sense. Mostly in newspaper articles, we find reviews for what celebrities are wearing. They are often judged for their fashion sense. They are judged for combining fashion articles and accessories. One must be peculiar in taste and have a good[…]

Leather Belt for Men’s | Parts and types

A belt plays a big role in fashion nowadays, a small part of our outfit creates huge value. A belt has three or more parts, used to tie the pant. Man, and women, both gender have different types of belts to wear. A belt can be made of leather, woven tape, fabric, or any other[…]

Fashion Among Elite and Impoverished

People judge us with the clothes we wear, the reality of the day, and our dress, clothing become part of our social identity and class. Clothing from necessity has evolved and fashion has come into existence. People use to stitch by hand and then came the sewing machine which made the fashions fast. In the beginning,[…]

Women’s Fashion Predilection to Dresses

In this modern era, every woman is dominated by the thought that the clothing should be comfortable and fashionable for them. Salwar Kameez and Dupatta were considered the best outfits in the past, jeans and t-shirts later became popular for a better lifestyle. And recently added palazzo, pants for the women’s lifestyle. Women’s outfit choices are[…]

How Pants became a Fashion trend for Women

Wearing pants on daily basis has become a part of a woman’s life. Today’s trend revolves around embellishments and modifications in trousers. We are comfortable with it and have greatly adapted to this trend, but what about the women in the 18th century. Not all of you know that pants were not allowed to women[…]

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