Shipping Documents Required for Garment Export

Different Types of Shipping Documents Required for Garments Export Documents are mandatory for exporting garments to overseas countries. In the garments industry, the Commercial department and merchandising take care of these documents and submit the required authority for exporting garments. Any mistake is penalized here, and resubmission of documents adds a penalty. Here I present[…]

120 Common Abbreviations for Apparel Merchandising

Abbreviations for Apparel Merchandising Merchandising is an important part of the Apparel industry. It is directly involved with the garments manufacturing business. So this department has s many reporting and documentation tasks. There are so many short forms of words or sentences or Abbreviations for Apparel Merchandising that have been used over the years. Here[…]

Responsibilities of a Merchandiser in Garments Industry

A Merchandiser is the business connection between the garments industry and the buying house. The Merchandiser role starts from the costing and sourcing and finishes after the shipment. So you cannot think of a garments industry without a merchandiser. He has Good communication skills, a quick grasp of customer requirements, and the ability to build[…]

Skills and Qualities of a Good Garments Merchandiser

Skills and Qualities of a Good Garments Merchandiser in the Apparel Industry Merchandising is always a career with potential. Gaining experience in this sector will increase your career security. Moreover, most of our foreign income comes from the garment industry, and considering the job market and career, many people are interested in this profession. Merchandisers[…]

What is Strike off in the Garments Industry?

There are over a hundred types of terms and definitions used in the garments merchandising process. All are important as they are used in manufacturing, business, and commercial process. Being a student of textiles or Fashion, or an employee of these related industries, we need to know and understand all things needed in the garments[…]

Difference between Lining and Interlining

Difference between Lining and Interlining | Lining and Interlining Fiber Types Lining and Interlining Both are being used in the garments industry as cloth trimming. Both trims are attached to the garment part through the fusing process, sewing process, or ironing. We use them on the inner side of the garment, not visible from the[…]

What are Differences between Trims and Accessories

If you have fabric, what more do you need to make a garment? Trims and Accessories are the items used to make cloth in the garments industry apart from fabric. You find can this list what are materials needed in the BOM sheet in the garments industry. These items help some fabric cut panels to[…]

What is Trim Card in Garments Industry | Its importance and use

What is Trim Card in the Garments Industry The trim card is also known as ‘Swatch card‘, a common word in the garments manufacturing industry. So it is a Swatch card in the garments industry. To assure Fabric & Trims which are going to be used for production are approved by the Buyer / Merchandiser[…]

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