Warehouse Management System in Apparel Industry

A warehouse is a middle part between the supply chain and manufacturing operations. Warehouse Management System is a total management system of warehouse activity. It includes stock information, issue information, receiving data, dispatch info, and proper BIN card or stock card maintain physically. And, warehouse management is also about how we keep the materials in[…]

Different Parts of Shirts

Shirt A shirt is a staple of clothing for men and women across the world. Be it a casual evening or formal attire a shirt goes well with every occasion. A shirt is worn at the upper (top) parts of the human body. As per the classification of garments, shirts are classified as top garments[…]

Feasibility (Profit and Loss) Study of a Garments order

Feasibility (Profit and Loss) Study of a Garments order A feasibility study provides valuable information to take “go/no-go” and alternative decisions. To do a feasibility study in the garments industry, one must create a projected income statement based on the last 3-month expense. And the projected income statement will show how much money our orders[…]

Best Sewing Machine Brands

Sewing machine Brands Sewing machines are required everywhere in any type of apparel industry, tailoring shop, and even use in the home as well. So it is a common thing to know about the brands. This content is all about Sewing machine Brands and their description. There are almost 100 sewing machine brands (Manufacturing in[…]

How to do Quick changeover( QCO) in Garments Manufacturing

Cost stabilization depends on the proper utilization of every resource in the garments manufacturing industry, henceforth being competitive to sustain the market share and cope with the newest competitors, it is necessary to deliver quality products in time at a reasonable price to the customer.Poor resource utilization affects every aspect of production as well as[…]

Apparel Manufacturing Management System

Apparel production is the core of the supply chain system. The management of apparel manufacturing means a huge responsibility for any production team. Nowadays it’s easier to get more efficiency in production with the help of technology. The application of technology also helps to reduce product development costs & time consumption. This content is about[…]

Sewing Machine Maintenance Checklist and Technical Adjustments

The cloth is a basic need of human beings. Can you imagine that a man cannot live without wearing a dress or cloth, a sewing machine is used to stitch two or more ply of fabric in order to make a cloth. A sewing machine uses to make cloth by sewing fabrics part together. Modern sewing[…]

Sewing Machine Parts and Function with Pictures

Sewing Machine The cloth tailoring industry introduced the effective benefits of the sewing machine in our life. Although business perspective got the highest priority to be concentrated it’s very useful to our personal life. A few pieces of examples are – stitching wedding dresses, blouses, pants, uniforms, etc. Every single part of it has different[…]

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