Effect of Bleaching on Denim Fabric of Denim Wash

Effect of Bleaching on Denim Fabric of Denim Wash, How Colorfastness rate is affected by different bleach percentages? Introduction: Bleaching is the most important pre-treatment process for wet processing. Before dyeing fabric goes through this process to achieve adequate shade. Like de-sizing & scouring, the bleaching process also has a certain impact on the fabric.[…]

Why Country Clothing is a Must-Have in Your Australian Wardrobe

Australia has always had a unique fashion style that beautifully expresses Australians’ deep love of the great outdoors, the wildness of nature, and the simplicity of a rustic farming life. This unique style story has seen a huge boost in recent years as city dwellers have embraced the rustic charm of country clothing and incorporated[…]

Cotton vs. Synthetic T-Shirts for Summer

When the scorching summer heat arrives, selecting the right t-shirts becomes crucial. The debate between cotton and synthetic fabrics for summer wear has been ongoing for years, with each having its unique set of advantages and drawbacks. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics of both materials to help you make an informed[…]

Denim Finishing using Laser Technology: Working Process

Denim Finishing using Laser Technology- A detailed study on the working process of laser machine The industry is moving toward 4.0, by matching the footstep the garment industry is also moving toward 4.0. Denim washing is also not behind in this race. Denim washing is moving toward sustainability. Laser is a milestone to that path[…]

Fabrics Manufacturing Defects of Woven and Knit Fabric

Fabrics Manufacturing, Dyeing, and Finishing Defects of Woven and Knit Fabric Fabric inspection in a 4-point system is the way to find out all the Fabric manufacturing defects. Fabric manufacture is a time-consuming process with several processes and careful attention to detail. Fabric flaws can still exist and affect the quality and performance of textiles[…]

Types of Embroidery Machines and their Functions

Different Types of Embroidery machines and their functions Introduction By employing stitches made from silks and yarns and occasionally sequins, beads, feathers, and pearls, embroidery is a skilled method for adorning clothing by hand. Chinese embroidery dates back to the fifth century BC. One of the most renowned embroidery houses in the world today is[…]

Cutting Defects in Garments Industry and Their Causes

Cutting Defects and Causes of Cutting Defects in the Garments Industry In the cutting department of the Garments industry, Cutting defects can have a significant impact on the overall production process, leading to increased costs, wasted materials, and customer dissatisfaction. Understanding the causes of cutting defects in the garments industry is essential for manufacturers to[…]

Application of AI in Textile and Apparel Industry

Application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the Textile and Apparel Industry Introduction In today’s scenario, it is a proven fact that textile manufacturing and apparel is a major industry. It is simply based on the conversion of fiber into yarn, yarn into fabric, and then fabric to apparel that is into fashion. Nowadays, the scope[…]

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