Importance of Internship in Textile Engineering

What is an Internship in Engineering? An internship is a practical learning workplace for a certain (temporary) period, it can be the last semester of academic or work starting of a career. It can be either paid or unpaid. Nowadays, many garments buying a house offer paid internships for newly graduated textile engineers. This content is[…]

Job in the Textile Industry as a Newcomer of Textile Engineer

A Story of Getting a Job in the Textile Industry as a Newcomer of Textile Engineer Nowadays getting a job is quite difficult if you are a newcomer and of course, you don’t have any work experience & maximum company’s first requirement is work experience. And you don’t have any lobbying also. So, why authority[…]

Calculate Fabric GSM by GSM cutter

What is Fabric GSM? GSM is grams per square meter (gm/m2), the fabric weight of every square meter, calculation value comes in grams. In order to assure the weight of the fabric which is going to be used in bulk production is as per the Buyer’s acceptable Quality Standard and Requirement. GSM is one of[…]

Classification of Medical Textile

With the advent of the ultra-modern era, development has unveiled its multi dynamics. In the nineteenth century, the basic necessities of a common man were food, shelter, and clothing whereas now it has sub-stranded and divided between access to mobility, technology, healthcare, and whatnot. Consequently, if we focus back to clothing and forth to the[…]

What is Stretch Fabric| Use of Stretch Fabric

What is the Stretch Fabric? Stretch fabric is some sort of garment which can be stretchable in any shape. it can be folded in any form we want. It’s comforting clothes. People of all ages need this for different purposes. Stretch fabric is very much popular in this generation around the world and it becomes[…]

What is Denim | Different Types of Denim

What is Denim? Denim is incredible for its characteristics. Basically, to get some prior knowledge about denim, It is twilled cotton, blue color usually, durable, comfortable, easy to wash, and can be put on in any season. Denim was first introduced in France; the word denim came from the France term ‘de nim’ and later[…]

Different Types of Fabric Used in T-Shirts

Do you plan to place an order for T-shirts, or plan to start your own T-shirt manufacturing business? It is important for you to know about the different types of fabric used in T-shirts. In order to create the best t-shirt design, it is just essential to choose the right fabric. This is why it[…]

All Textile Abbreviations | Abbreviations used in Textile

Textile Abbreviations An abbreviation is a shortened form to save time when speaking, and space when writing a word. The abbreviation is usually done to take less time in a document or a selection. There are many abbreviations used in the textile sector; here include all yarn manufacturing (spinning), fabric manufacturing, Dyeing and printing, and[…]

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