Snap Button Safety, Attachment, and Pinch Setting

Snap Button Safety is very important, so the attachment and the pinch setting have to be perfect to ensure product safety. The Snap button is a critical product safety issue. Below are the guidelines & Clarity for the root levels in the garments Industry for Snap Button Safety, Attachment, and Pinch Setting. The Designer is[…]

10 Steps for Efficient Inventory in Store of Garments Industry

Inventory is the 1st step of a warehouse management system in any industry. Managing inventory in a warehouse is essential for efficient operations. To control material, you have to do an Efficient Inventory in the Store of the Garments Industry. Here we go 10 Steps for Efficient Inventory in Store of the Garments Industry in[…]

Types of Screen Printing, and Its Use

Types of Screen Printing, and Its Use Screen printing is a manufacturing process to transfer text, images, or text images both printing into a t-shirt or other piece of clothing. It required a stencil to create a fine mesh screen. By using a squeegee the ink is applied on the fabric. At first, the ink[…]

9 Reasons Why We Need to Sort Our Fabric Store NOW

Fabric stores typically organize fabrics by fiber content, color or print, and weight. Some stores may also organize by intended use, such as quilting or apparel fabric. also offer sorting services, so it may be worth checking out what is available in your area. Additionally, many online fabric stores offer sorting options as well. Find[…]

Functions of Fabric Inspection Department in Apparel Industry

In the Apparel industry, a fabric QC team (Fabric Inspection Department) works to maintain all fabric procedures in the incoming inspection stage. They have to inspect fabric, do shade checks, Shrinkage tests, and do many other works. Here we present the Functions of the Fabric Inspection Department in the Apparel Industry. What are the Functions[…]

How to do Repair (Rework) of Garments Defects

Defects are the only barrier in the smooth garment manufacturing process. So defects have to rework/repaired/mended in order to get a good product. Repair of garments defects to remove the defect. This is the way to convert defective garments to defect-free garments. So how to do that? Garments rework is the process of assessing and[…]

Shipping Documents Required for Garment Export

Different Types of Shipping Documents Required for Garments Export Documents are mandatory for exporting garments to overseas countries. In the garments industry, the Commercial department and merchandising take care of these documents and submit the required authority for exporting garments. Any mistake is penalized here, and resubmission of documents adds a penalty. Here I present[…]

Difference between Apparel and Fashion

Apparel and Fashion are two related things; there are many differences between the two. We can touch one, but cannot another. One is tangible, and the other is intangible. Here we present 7 Differences between Apparel and Fashion in below. Apparel Apparel refers to clothing items, garments, or attire that people wear to cover and[…]

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