Metal Detection: Calibration and Maintenance in Garments Industry

Metal Detection Process: Calibration and Metal Detector Maintenance in the Garments Industry To provide industry guidelines to everyone who is related to the supply chain, make understand, identify, and mitigate critical safety hazards associated with apparel and accessories designed and marketed. Apart from this, the garment industry produces folded/packed Garments, so it is a huge[…]

Sharp Tools Control Procedures in the Garments Industry

Sharp tools are very dangerous for the garment industry. To ensure product safety, we have to control them properly. In this article, we will discuss Sharp Tools Control Procedures in the Garments Industry. In the bustling world of garment manufacturing, precision and safety are paramount. From cutting fabrics to intricate detailing, the industry relies heavily[…]

Colorfastness Test to Water | An ISO 105-E01 Method

This test measures the ability of a material or product to resist bleeding or fading of color when exposed to water, such as during washing or rainy weather. Colorfastness to water refers to the ability of a material to retain its color without fading or bleeding when exposed to water. It is an important quality[…]

Difference Between Production and Productivity

If we work in the operation of any industry, then our task is related to these two words. The operation team deals with these two things as their job description. In this post, we will discuss the main differences between production and productivity. Examples are taken from the garment manufacturing industry. Sometimes, you might need[…]

10 Different Types of Socks for Men and Women

10 Different Types of Socks for Men and Women Socks, the humble yet indispensable articles of clothing, serve more than just a functional purpose. From keeping our feet warm and dry to making a fashion statement, socks come in various types, each tailored for different activities, occasions, and preferences. Let’s dive into the world of[…]

Needle Management Procedures in the Garments Industry

Needle management is the most important thing for product Safety in the Garments Industry. In the garments industry, the needle stands out as an indispensable component, serving as the primary instrument in stitching fabrics together. Managing needles effectively within the garment industry is not just a matter of organizational convenience; it’s a critical aspect that[…]

Top 10 Different Types of Headgear/Headwear/ Headdress

Apart from the main clothing, we wear many things for Fashion accessories and safety purposes. We wear fashion accessories on our heads, called Headgear, Headwear, or headdress. It’s a Fashion and clothing element for Fashion, protection, sports, and other needs. To define Headgear, we can tell that any element worn on the head of a[…]

12 Sewing Machine Problems, Causes, and Their Remedies

12 Sewing Machine Problems, Causes, and Their Remedies As simple as it may appear, a sewing machine is one of the most challenging machines to master. When running at 3500 rpm, simple neglect can influence the stitch in the cloth, resulting in a decrease in quality. When a garment has a flaw, there must be[…]

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