Sewing Thread Consumption of a Shirt in Apparel industry

Sewing Thread Consumption Sewing thread consumption is required to know for any apparel industry. Thread consumption is the amount the thread needed for operation at a certain length. So that merchandiser can budget the thread amount against any order. There are different types of stitches used in apparel, and each stitch consumption differs from the[…]

Sewing Defect with Root Causes and Corrective Actions

Sewing Defect We call sewing defects that produce in the sewing section. A defect is a barrier to quality, so we all want to reduce defects. To reduce defects, we need to know the root causes and corrective actions need to be taken. Here we have collected the most common defects always created in sewing.[…]

Sewing Department in Apparel Industry

The sewing department works on first receiving planning sheets from the planning department, receiving cutting Pcs fabrics from the cutting department, and setting up the layout according to the instructions of the Industrial Engineering department. The sewing department converts fabric into cloth or garments through the different sewing machines and different sewing processes. So, the[…]

Product Development Department in Apparel

Overview of Product Development department The Product Development Center (PDC) department is one of the most important parts of the garment industry. This department’s analysis of garments cost Also, develop a fit or development sample using any type of fabric. This department makes patterns and cuts samples, and then stitches the samples. And if garments[…]

SMV/ SAM Calculation of A Basic Shirt in Apparel Industry

SAM and SMV SAM stands for “standard allowed minute” and SMV stands for “Standard Minutes Value”; an important term for industrial engineering, the application is in any manufacturing. SAM and SMV are almost the same things, only if we add allowance with the SMV, it becomes SAM. So the formula comes, SAM = SMV+ Allowance %[…]

PPC Department in Textile Industry

PPC Department The production planning and control (PPC) department is one of the most important parts of the Textile and apparel industry. We get orders from the buyer with an estimated delivery date, so the production allocation and optimum capacity utilization is necessary here, here is the role of the planning department. This department first[…]

Shade control Procedure of Woven Garments

Shade Control in Garments Shade control is an important thing, shade is a big factor for garments and clothing. There is some system and procedure that will make sure proper shade control in garments product. Shade Control Procedure of Woven garments 1. Try 100% roll of order quantity in-house at a time by the merchant[…]

Different Types of Fabric Used in T-Shirts

Do you plan to place an order for T-shirts, or plan to start your own T-shirt manufacturing business? It is important for you to know about the different types of fabric used in T-shirts. In order to create the best t-shirt design, it is just essential to choose the right fabric. This is why it[…]

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