15 Best Trendy Summer T-shirts for Men in 2024

15 Best Trendy Summer T-shirts for Men in 2024 A T-shirt which is also spelled tee shirt, or tee for short is a fashion of fabric shirt given a name after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Originally, it had short sleeves and a simple round neckline, called a crew neck, which doesn’t[…]

Beyond Metal: Exploring Gold Plating on Unconventional Materials

Introduction Gold plating, once reserved for jewelry and high-end electronics, has transcended its traditional boundaries. Today, artisans, designers, and engineers are pushing the boundaries of this ancient craft, experimenting with unconventional materials to create stunning, gilded masterpieces. This article delves into the fascinating world of gold plating on non-metal substrates, uncovering its applications, techniques, and[…]

7 Point Container Inspection Checklist in Apparel Industry

Shipping Container inspection is very important to keep safe and secure garments inside of it. Good containers keep goods protected from affecting mold. So the container inspection team followed the container inspection checklist, 7-point container inspection system very popular worldwide in the garments/apparel industry. Here I present the 7 Point Container Inspection Checklist in the[…]

What is Leather Fabric: Types, Properties, and Uses

Leather fabric is a flexible and immortal material that has been utilized for quite a long time in different applications. It is known for its solidness, adaptability, and regular magnificence. Leather fabric is obtained from the skin of creatures, most ordinarily cows, and is handled through tanning to make a strong and usable material. In[…]

Applications of Nonwoven Fabric in Medical Textiles

Applications of Nonwoven Fabric in Medical Textiles Introduction The application of nonwovens in the medical and healthcare sector goes back to the time of the Second World War when there was a high demand for new and large-capacity medical products. In many of the reports published it is stated that the nonwovens were regarded as[…]

What is Scuba Knit Fabric: Properties and Uses

Knit fabric has lots of variations and types. Mainly 3 types of fabric; Woven, Knit, and Nonwoven. Knit and woven Fabrics have many types. Here I am writing about uncommon knit fabric, which you may love to read. I am present here What is Scuba Knit Fabric: Properties and Uses details. Scuba Knit is also[…]

What is Sherpa Fabric: Characteristics, Types and Uses

We are looking for warm clothes, and see what are options to make us warm? Best Fabric looking for winter season? We need a sweater, jacket, hat, and blanket comforter; Here is the Sherpa for you. Here I present What is Sherpa Fabric: Characteristics, its types, and all its Uses. What is Sherpa Fabric/ the[…]

Top 20 Medical Textile Manufacturers /Companies in the World

Top 20 Medical Textile Manufacturers/Companies in the World Introduction A section of technical textiles that centers on fiber-based products which are primarily used in health care applications like prevention, care, and hygiene is known as medical textiles. The list of applications of medical textiles varies from simple cotton bandages to advanced-level tissue engineering. As per[…]

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