10 Benefits of Following Fashion Trends

Whenever we are thinking about fashion trends, we need to know first what fashion trends really meant. Trend, which is basically referred to as a movement of a particular thing that is going on currently. It indicates a general direction or movement in the design and clothing that are famous during a particular time span.[…]

What Is Fashion Cycle | 5 Stages of Fashion Cycle

What Is Fashion Cycle | 5 Stages of Fashion Cycle? The fashion cycle means the cyclical trends of fashion which refers to starting to the ending of a fashion trend. It indicates the fashion products that go through time. We know culture isn’t static, when culture isn’t static how can fashion be? Fashion trend is[…]

Classification of Fashion in Details Description

Fashion is a means of self-expression and autonomy in a given time and place in a specific environment. It includes clothes, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, and much more. Fashion has the power to both shape and also be shaped by society and is frequently seen as a reflection of the social and cultural views of a[…]

What is Fashion | Classification of Fashion with Description

What is Fashion | Classification of Fashion with Description What is Fashion? Fashion refers to how people dress, as well as the styles and designs that are popular or in trend for a specific period. It is an ever-evolving art form that can reflect the lifestyle, values, attitudes, and beliefs of a society. Different society,[…]

5 Basic Principles of Fashion Design

Fashion speaks to us immediately. Without having to speak, you can express who you are via your style. Being admired for your fashion sense is what defines elegance, not sticking out. Designers and trendy people provide you with fashion four or five times a year. The public’s needs and emerging trends must occasionally be taken[…]

Top 10 Denim Jeans brands in World

Denim is a textile fabric, which is made of two types of Yarn, warp, and weft. Cloth made of denim is called jeans; for example Jeans pants, jeans shirts, etc. If you love jeans clothes, definitely you love some of the top brands making very high-quality denim jeans. Those are not country-centric, shop is available[…]

Different Types of Palazzo Pants for Women

Who doesn’t know palazzo if you are a girl or a woman? Palazzo pants are made with cotton, chiffon, rayon, crepe, and many natural fabrics. It is extremely comfortable for formal, semi-formal, and casual wear. Women don’t forget to make their wardrobe collections without these pants. In this era, there you will find a few[…]

Materiality and Sustainability in Fashion and clothing

Sustainability is taken into account by many to be the grail of the style industry. Deciding way to create a cloth closed-loop and finding viable alternatives to clothing ending up in landfills, are the 2 biggest challenges currently facing the style industry. That’s why during this article we’ll check out materiality and the way we[…]

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