How to do Time Study in Garments Industry

Time Study is part of work-study. It is a working time-measuring method for a process. Time Study defines the necessary time for a specific task in any operation. So this study is very important for any manufacturing industry. In this competitive world of apparel manufacturing, optimizing production efficiency is paramount. Time study, a methodical analysis[…]

How to Calculate and Reduce WIP in Apparel Industry

How to calculate and reduce WIP in Cutting, Sewing, Washing, and Finishing of Apparel Industry What is WIP? WIP stands for work-in-progress or work-in-process, that is describing the amount of product in the production process between sections. WIP report telling the number of unfinished products in a different process to be finished. Raw material and[…]

Man to Machine Ratio (MMR) in Garments Industry

Man-to-Machine Ratio (MMR) is an important KPI factor in the Garments Industry. We need to know MMR for many reasons like cost control, manpower control, operation control, and a few other reasons. The target of MRR is always to keep it as minimum as possible. I mean a garments factory’s MRR ratio is 1.95: 1,[…]

Best Practices in Apparel Industry

A best practice meaning the practice which is best and acceptable, a standard or set of guidelines that are known to produce good outcomes if followed. Any best practice in the apparel industry gives the best outcome. Best practices are related to how to carry out a different task or configure something. Strict best practice[…]

24 Useful (IE)Industrial Engineering Formula for Garments Industry

Nowadays, Industrial Engineering is a big part of the garment manufacturing process. The world is under a big economic crisis.IE Department optimizes all all-manufacturing resources in the process and makes the process efficient. The objective of industrial engineering is to increase efficiency and profitability in the garments industry. Application of industrial engineering increase efficiency, reduce[…]

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in Apparel Industry

In today’s competitive market the importance of order retention (KPI) is very important. KPIs that are very important in the RMG sector. KPI in apparel, many more such KPIs can be discussed through which a factory can be evaluated. The factory is developing based on the KPI, Key Performance Indicator. Now a Factory Turnover, the[…]

Application of Industrial Engineering on Cargo Pant Sewing

Application of Industrial Engineering on Cargo Pant Sewing: Before and after IE Industrial Engineering (IE) optimizes available resources. So the application of industrial engineering is the reduction of SMV, manpower, and Process. The application of IE increases the profit of the garments industry proved in a feasibility study. Here you can see cargo pants sewing[…]

SMV/ SAM Calculation of A Basic Shirt in Apparel Industry

SAM and SMV SAM stands for “standard allowed minute” and SMV stands for “Standard Minutes Value”; an important term for industrial engineering, the application is in any manufacturing. SAM and SMV are almost the same things, only if we add allowance with the SMV, it becomes SAM. So the formula comes, SAM = SMV+ Allowance %[…]

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