Industrial Engineering, IE called in short form in the apparel industry, a department plays a vital role to reduce cost with limited resources, the big part of IE is to increase work efficiency and capacity of every workmen. In this category you will see Industrial Engineering related articles here.

How to Calculate Floor Capacity in Garments Industry?

How to Calculate Floor Capacity in the Garments Industry? Generally, we get the order from the buyer & it is executed by the manufacturer. First of all, we need to know the floor capacity of the garment industry. If we do not know how to calculate floor capacity in the garments industry then we will[…]

Factors and Techniques of Increasing Productivity in Garments

Factors and Techniques of Increasing Productivity in the Garments Industry Both production and productivity should be always high in this competitive era or apparel manufacturing. Productivity is a quantitative relation between what we produce and what we use as resources to produce them, i.e arithmetic ratio of the amount produced (output) to the amount of[…]

Just in Time (JIT) in Garment Manufacturing: Goals And Objectives

Just in Time (JIT) in Garment Manufacturing: Goals And Objectives of JIT What is Just in Time (JIT)? Just-in-time is a Japanese manufacturing management method developed in the 1970s. It was first adopted by Toyota manufacturing plants by Taiichi Ohno. The main concern at that time was to meet consumer demands. Because of the success[…]

Cost Reduction by Value Enginееring(VE) in Apparel Industry

Cost Reduction through Value Enginееring (VE) in Industrial Enginееring in Apparel Industry In today’s competitive apparel business landscape, cost reduction is a constant priority for companies seeking to enhance their profitability and maintain a competitive edge. Industrial еnginееring professionals play a critical role in the apparel industry achieving cost savings through value еnginееring—a systematic and[…]

How to do Time Study in Garments Industry

Time Study is part of work-study. It is a working time-measuring method for a process. Time Study defines the necessary time for a specific task in any operation. So this study is very important for any manufacturing industry. In this competitive world of apparel manufacturing, optimizing production efficiency is paramount. Time study, a methodical analysis[…]

How to Calculate and Reduce WIP in Apparel Industry

How to calculate and reduce WIP in Cutting, Sewing, Washing, and Finishing of Apparel Industry What is WIP? WIP stands for work-in-progress or work-in-process, that is describing the amount of product in the production process between sections. WIP report telling the number of unfinished products in a different process to be finished. Raw material and[…]

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