Application of Industrial Engineering on Cargo Pant Sewing

Application of Industrial Engineering on Cargo Pant Sewing: Before and after IE Industrial Engineering (IE) optimizes available resources. So the application of industrial engineering is the reduction of SMV, manpower, and Process. The application of IE increases the profit of the garments industry proved in a feasibility study. Here you can see cargo pants sewing[…]

SMV/ SAM Calculation of A Basic Shirt in Apparel Industry

SAM and SMV SAM stands for “standard allowed minute” and SMV stands for “Standard Minutes Value”; an important term for industrial engineering, the application is in any manufacturing. SAM and SMV are almost the same things, only if we add allowance with the SMV, it becomes SAM. So the formula comes, SAM = SMV+ Allowance %[…]

Operation Bulletin of Shirt Manufacturing in Garments Industry

Operation Bulletin of Shirt Operation bulletin is a summary of machines, processes, layout , SMV, manpower setting, SAM, process wise production target, and others. Operation bulletin is necessary with starting any new style, this data tells everything about the whole process of sewing. Here we mention the operation bulletin of shirt manufacturing in the sewing[…]

Sewing Line layout for Shirt in Garments Industry

Sewing Line Layout The sewing line layout is a complete setup of machines, manpower, and equipment to run the sewing process in the section. Layout set based on product category and similarities of product. The layout is an important part to get the best possible output in a garments industry. As setting layout takes time,[…]

Different Departments of Apparel Industry and their Functions

There is a long manufacturing flow in the export garments manufacturing industry, so various types of departments in the Apparel manufacturing industry have very specific functions in every department. Different Departments of Apparel Industry 1.      Human Resource (HR) & Compliance Department 2.      Marketing & Merchandising Department 3.      Store/Warehouse Department 4.      CAD and Pattern Department 5.      Design Department 6.      Sample Department 7.      Quality[…]

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