Literally, Quality is customer satisfaction. If customer is satisfied with your garments quality, definitely your product have quality.

So Quality control is very important in Apparel industry.  Here you will see all quality related articles in this category.

Assessment of Quality in Finished Garments in 10 Steps

Assessment of Quality in Finished Garments Finished garments mean is finished product, with nothing remaining to do on it, just to be ready to sell or wear to say in one word. So the quality of the finished garments is required to be ultimate level. A question arises in my mind, what can be the[…]

Criteria For Assessing Materials Used in Apparel And Sewn Product

Criteria For Assessing Materials To be Used in Apparel And Sewn Products To define anything for anything, an assessment is required. What could be the quality assessment criteria for materials to be used in Apparel? Clothing always touches our body with direct contact. And apparel is part of our lifestyle and fashion. There are certain[…]

Quality Improvement Methods in Apparel Industry

Quality Improvement Methods in the Apparel Industry Quality is a pre-historic psychological issue. Every product features have some unique characteristics for which it is in demand by consumers. Generally, quality meets and exceeds customer expectations at a price he is willing to pay to possess the product or service. In this article, we present Quality[…]

Job Description of a Quality Inspector in Garments Industry

Job Description of a Quality Inspector in the Garments Industry A quality inspector is a person who checks the quality of products in a raw material form or final form or any phase of processing, such as sampling, cutting, sewing, finishing, packing, and before shipment. An inspector generally checks whether the manufactured product conforms to the quality specifications[…]

Elevating Fabric Inspection with Quality 4.0 in Textile and Apparel

Elevating Fabric Inspection with Quality 4.0 in Textile and Apparel Industry Rapid technological innovation is causing sectors all over the world to undergo radical change, and the textile sector is no different. Modern technologies are introduced by Quality 4.0, a development of traditional quality management, to improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Fabric inspection is one[…]

Snap Button Machine Calibration Process and Certification

Snap Button is a pair of interlocking discs made of metal or plastic, commonly used in place of buttons to fasten clothing. An item that is considered hazardous if it fails the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Sharp Point Test before or after simulated “ Use and Abuse testing.” So we need to calibrate the[…]

Pilot Run Before Bulk Production in Garments Industry

What is a Pilot Run Before Bulk Production in the Garments Industry? The pilot run is considered a trial production run in the garments industry. It is a very important part of prior bulk production to ensure that it is defect-free. It is done after Pre-Production sample approval & before bulk cutting. Before bulk cutting,[…]

Technical/ QMS/ Quality Audit Checklist of Footwear Industry

Technical/ QMS/ Quality Audit Checklist of The Footwear Industry Footwear is what we wear on our feet. Then all the shoes and boots together fall into this category. Technical is very important for the footwear industry. The audit define quality standard of a footwear factory. In this article, we will discuss on Technical/ QMS/ Quality[…]

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