sewing defects

List of Sewing Defects found in Garments Industry

Quality control is the first parameter in the garments industry. 3 major sections in the garments industry; cutting, sewing, and finishing. Sewing is the biggest section of all 3 as garments manufacturing is all about sewing. The sewing process and stitching are very sensitive and sewing machines use to sew the fabric in the garments[…]

Stitching: Sewing Defects in Garments

Sewing is the art of garments. Every hole produced during the sewing process is a stitch. Stitching defects are sewing defects produced during the sewing process. As sewing is the only construction operation process for a garment, 80% of defects of garments is a stitching-related defects. Sewing is the major operation in garments manufacturing. Stitching[…]

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