What is Lab dip in Textile Industry?

Lab dip refers to producing a small sample for a textile or fabric that will be used to produce a garment or other textile product. The lab dip is created by a textile dyeing mill or dye house and is used to match the wanted color specified by the buyer. Lab dip is a dyed[…]

Fast Fashion Creates over 17 million Tons of Textile Waste Annually

Fast Fashion Creates over 17 million Tons of Textile Waste Annually Did we know that people over the world are now consuming 400 further apparel compared to 20 times ago? The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) estimates that Americans induce more than 17 million metric tons of cloth waste annually, which is about 47 kilograms or 104[…]

Skills of QC Job for Garments Professional

If you work in the Quality department in the Garments industry or are related (buying a house, or apparel retailer) to the garments industry whatever the designation is, then this writing is for you. There are plenty of Skills of QC job required for a Garment Professional. So, here go through one by one in[…]

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Chemical in Textile and Apparel

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Chemical uses in the Textile and Apparel Industry Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a technical safety data sheet for using workplace health and Safety in the Textile and Apparel industry. It is a written instruction document. The MSDS is hanging in the workplace,[…]

Different Parts and Functions of Circular Knitting Machine

Circular Knitting Machine is used to produce seamless tube-shaped fabric in the knit garments industry. The knit garments manufacturing process is a common machine that can produce fabric at a lower price. But the circular knitting machine has many types. Basically, the machine is circular in shape, so the name is Circular knitting machine. The[…]

Actions of Carding Machine in Spinning (Yarn Manufacturing)

Different Actions of Carding Machine in Spinning (Yarn Manufacturing) Process The carding machine is called the “Heart of the spinning”. It is also said that “Well card is half spun”. Becasue Yarn manufacturing process is impossible without carding. And, It has the key functions in the manufacturing process. Carding is the first process which is[…]

Fast Fashion Environmental Impact | Fast Fashion Brands

A Threat to our Globe environment. It may seem like cheap clothing but there is a high environmental impact and hidden cost in our environment. So we are talking about ‘Fast Fashion’ becoming popular over the past few decades from approximately 1980/1990 to so far, with the rise of global supply chains and the growth[…]

What is Silhouette in Fashion Design | Types of Silhouettes

The outline of a person, an item, or a scene is called a silhouette, and it is typically depicted as a solid shape in the color black. The interior of the silhouette lacks any features and is primarily shown against a white or light background. The silhouette of a person, object, or scene is depicted[…]

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