Effect of Bleaching on Denim Fabric of Denim Wash

Effect of Bleaching on Denim Fabric of Denim Wash, How Colorfastness rate is affected by different bleach percentages? Introduction: Bleaching is the most important pre-treatment process for wet processing. Before dyeing fabric goes through this process to achieve adequate shade. Like de-sizing & scouring, the bleaching process also has a certain impact on the fabric.[…]

Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturing Process: 3 Steps

Non-woven fabric manufacturing process in 3 Easy steps Introduction Whenever fabric manufacturing is concerned there are basically,  three ways; weaving, knitting, and nonwoven process. Among those methods, the nonwoven is comparatively the latest and most high-tech process of fabric manufacturing. Nonwovens are defined as a web or sheet, of natural or man-made fibers or filaments,[…]

Why Country Clothing is a Must-Have in Your Australian Wardrobe

Australia has always had a unique fashion style that beautifully expresses Australians’ deep love of the great outdoors, the wildness of nature, and the simplicity of a rustic farming life. This unique style story has seen a huge boost in recent years as city dwellers have embraced the rustic charm of country clothing and incorporated[…]

Cotton vs. Synthetic T-Shirts for Summer

When the scorching summer heat arrives, selecting the right t-shirts becomes crucial. The debate between cotton and synthetic fabrics for summer wear has been ongoing for years, with each having its unique set of advantages and drawbacks. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics of both materials to help you make an informed[…]

30 Different Types of Woven Fabric with Pictures

Nowadays, due to many enhancements and gradation, the public is more motivated towards the newness and freshness in everything. Whether you are creating new garments or clothes or trying to figure out the correct way to clean your dirty ones, having detailed knowledge of fabric can be important. This is more important if you have[…]

8 Key Applications of Nonwoven Fabric

8 Key Applications of Nonwoven Fabric in Automobile, Medical, Home Textile & so on Nonwoven fabric, a unique textile material, has gained widespread recognition for its remarkable versatility and adaptability. It has become an integral part of various industries due to its unique properties and applications. Unlike traditional woven or knitted textiles, nonwoven fabrics are[…]

Sustainability in Textile: Eco-Friendly Fabrics in Custom Fashion

Sustainability in Textile Industry: The Role of Eco-Friendly Fabrics in Custom Fashion Introduction In thе rеalm of fashion, a rеmarkablе synеrgy is undеrway – a harmonious blеnd of sustainability and custom activе wеar. This compеlling fusion rеdеfinеs individual style and sustainability in Textile, whеrе еco-friеndly fabrics takе cеntеr stagе. Explorе thе pivotal narrativе of ‘Sustainability[…]

Denim Finishing using Laser Technology: Working Process

Denim Finishing using Laser Technology- A detailed study on the working process of laser machine The industry is moving toward 4.0, by matching the footstep the garment industry is also moving toward 4.0. Denim washing is also not behind in this race. Denim washing is moving toward sustainability. Laser is a milestone to that path[…]

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