Difference between Textile and Apparel

Many of us often get confused and find almost very similar meanings. There are many basic and technical differences between Textiles and Apparel. Textile is a very broad term that includes Fiber, yarn, sewing thread, and fabric. Textile means the whole thing from fiber to fashion, apparel limited to cloth only. Apparel is a stitching[…]

Responsibilities of HR Manager in Garments Industry

A Human Resources (HR) Manager is responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices in the garments industry. They ensure that the organization’s policies, procedures, and programs are in compliance with all local regulations of government and trade unions and that they are consistent with the organization’s mission,[…]

Responsibilities of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Apparel Industry

CFO The Chief Financial Officer, CFO is the top financial executive. CFO set all financial budget of a company, make policy, do financial planning, and track all cash flow. He coordinates all the financial services. CFO has a Good Knowledge of financial management, including financial planning, budgeting, and control to obtain the highest service advantage[…]

DTM meaning in Garments Industry

There are many terms and definitions used in the Garments Industry. Working in the garments industry, we need to know all these things. All are technical terms and very important for merchandisers, QC inspectors, GPQ, production responsible, and buyer QC. DTM means in the garments Industry is dyed to match, it means the color of[…]

Difference Between Denim and Jeans

When we think about clothing irrespective of gender, we buy pants, shirts, jackets, Denim, and Jeans both are very common words for us when we think about fabric and cloth, almost everyone Heard at least one or both words. As we can see denim and jeans both are two different words. I have been asked[…]

Top 20 Textile Engineering Universities in China

China is a major global producer of textiles and clothing, so there may be many opportunities for textile engineering professionals in the country. There are 31 Textile Engineering Universities in China. So the number is not small, I can say. Some specific areas where textile engineering skills may be in demand include the development of[…]

Nylon Drawn Textured Yarn – DTY: Basic Information

Nylon Drawn textured yarns are primarily applicable in the weaving and knitting of fabrics for the production of clothing, home furnishings, seat covers, bags, and various other items and uses. DTY yarn is either semi-dull or fully-dull, bright or trilobal-bright, depending on the form of the section of filaments that it was spun from. What[…]

Difference Between Chain Stitch and Lock Stitch

Stitch can be defined as the needle movement with a thread during the sewing process to penetrate the fabric in order to join the fabric. The purpose of stitching is to join at least one or more ply of fabric together. Stitching requires clothing, footwear, and many things. Many types of stitching are used for[…]

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