Responsibilities of Sewing Supervisor in Garments industry

Every section needs a supervisor in garments operation. But, the sewing supervisor is fully different from others having the sewing machine of his/ her section. A working post called worker staff is responsible for the working operator. The sewing supervisor is responsible for sewing Processes production, quality, and overall coordination in the garments industry. They[…]

Types of Sample used in Garments

What is Garments Sample? Garments Samples are is what used in the garments industry as samples. Generally, samples are approved by the customer. A garment sample is a single garment item that represents all garments in a style, color, lot, batch, PO, or the entire order. It is not possible for the buyer, buyer technician,[…]

Best Fabric Materials for Manufacturing Safety Workwear

When selecting the best fabric material for safety workwear, there are many factors to consider. Not only does the fabric need to be strong and durable, but it must also be comfortable and provide safety features that meet industry standards. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best fabric materials for safety[…]

Interview Questions and Answers of Garments Job

An interview is the only step to getting a job after submitting a resume to the garments industry. The interviewer is a hirer who can ask any question to the interviewee in related matters. Knowing answers and replying to the interview board is important to get a job in the garments Industry. Good preparation can[…]

Best Practices in Apparel Industry

A best practice meaning the practice which is best and acceptable, a standard or set of guidelines that are known to produce good outcomes if followed. Any best practice in the apparel industry gives the best outcome. Best practices are related to how to carry out a different task or configure something. Strict best practice[…]

Warehouse Management System in Apparel Industry

A warehouse is a middle part between the supply chain and manufacturing operations. Warehouse Management System is a total management system of warehouse activity. It includes stock information, issue information, receiving data, dispatch info, and proper BIN card or stock card maintain physically. And, warehouse management is also about how we keep the materials in[…]

Different Parts of Shirts

Shirt A shirt is a staple of clothing for men and women across the world. Be it a casual evening or formal attire a shirt goes well with every occasion. A shirt is worn at the upper (top) parts of the human body. As per the classification of garments, shirts are classified as top garments[…]

Feasibility (Profit and Loss) Study of a Garments order

Feasibility (Profit and Loss) Study of a Garments order A feasibility study provides valuable information to take “go/no-go” and alternative decisions. To do a feasibility study in the garments industry, one must create a projected income statement based on the last 3-month expense. And the projected income statement will show how much money our orders[…]

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