The word “Apparel” or “Garments” is directly related to clothing process. Apparel manufacturing is a process where fabric convert into clothes.

Here all are articles are directly related to Apparel industry.

Sample Inspection and Approval Process in Garments Industry

A sample is approved for bulk quantity in the garments industry. If the buyer does not accept any, the garments industry cannot start bulk production. So we have to focus on sample inspection and set a system for the internal approval process prior to sending the buyer. Here we made procedures for Sample Inspection and[…]

Sewbots in Garments Industry: Future Manufacturing System

In the world of garment manufacturing, technology has always played a vital role in driving innovation and efficiency. One groundbreaking development that has gained significant attention is the emergence of sewbots. Sewbots are robotic sewing systems that automate the garment manufacturing process, promising to revolutionize the industry by streamlining production, increasing speed, and reducing costs.[…]

What is Bobbin in Sewing Machine

There are a lot of different types of sewing machine parts, and it can be a little overwhelming when you’re trying to learn about them all. But don’t worry, we’re going to break it down for you. Here I will discuss Bobbin in the sewing machine. What is a Bobbin? Now that you know all[…]

6 Good Practices in Fabric Cutting Floor of Clothing

The most crucial area of every clothing manufacturing enterprise is the cutting floor. The cutting master oversees all cutting operations on this cutting floor. The first stage in making clothes is cutting. On the cutting floor, all cutting tasks are carried out manually or with the aid of computerized cutting equipment. The cutting floor is[…]

12 Steps to Put and Replace Needle in a Sewing Machine

Among all the sewing machine parts, a Needle is a part required for any type of sewing machine. The needle needs to change from the Sewing machine after 12 to 24 hours. Sometimes Needle accidentally breaks, so you need to change the needle from the sewing machine. Here I present how to Put and Replace[…]

Snap Button Safety, Attachment, and Pinch Setting

Snap Button Safety is very important, so the attachment and the pinch setting have to be perfect to ensure product safety. The Snap button is a critical product safety issue. Below are the guidelines & Clarity for the root levels in the garments Industry for Snap Button Safety, Attachment, and Pinch Setting. The Designer is[…]

10 Steps for Efficient Inventory in Store of Garments Industry

Inventory is the 1st step of a warehouse management system in any industry. Managing inventory in a warehouse is essential for efficient operations. To control material, you have to do an Efficient Inventory in the Store of the Garments Industry. Here we go 10 Steps for Efficient Inventory in Store of the Garments Industry in[…]

Difference between Apparel and Fashion

Apparel and Fashion are two related things; there are many differences between the two. We can touch one, but cannot another. One is tangible, and the other is intangible. Here we present 7 Differences between Apparel and Fashion in below. Apparel Apparel refers to clothing items, garments, or attire that people wear to cover and[…]

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