10 Requirements of Fabric Spreading in Garments Industry

10 Requirements of Fabric Spreading in the Garments Industry Fabric spreading is a crucial process in the garments industry that involves laying out fabric layers in preparation for cutting and sewing. Efficient and accurate fabric spreading is essential to ensure quality and productivity in garment manufacturing. Fabric spreading is a fabric setup process before cutting.[…]

Finance Department in Garments Industry

The Finance Department managing finances effectively is paramount to success. The finance department plays a vital role in ensuring the financial health and stability of garment companies. From financial planning and budgeting to risk management and decision support, the finance department handles a wide range of responsibilities that are critical to the industry’s overall operations[…]

Responsibilities of Product Safety Officer in Garments Industry

Job Responsibilities of Product Safety Officer in the Garments Industry Nowadays product safety officers in very common in the Garments industry. This Article is to define the roles and responsibilities of a Product Safety Officer (PSO) who is designated. Production Safety Officer in the garments industry is responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of[…]

List of Production Planning Software for Garments Manufacturing

Planning is the key to the Apparel manufacturing process to deliver goods at the right time for the customer. The planning is proper and on-time work execution of different departments in the Garments industry. To control, calculate and keep data from all sections, planning software can do the best things accurately. Here I present the[…]

16 Different Types of Clothing You Would Love to Know Them

Clothing plays a significant role in human society and has various relationships with individuals. Different cultures and regions have distinct dress codes and expectations, influenced by religious, social, and historical, protection, uses, function, Modesty, and Cultural Norms. Classifying different types of clothing can be done based on various criteria such as garment style, reasons why[…]

What are the Differences between Apparel and Clothing?

We got some emails from our visitors asking about the differences between Apparel and Clothing. Both words have a similar meaning according to the English dictionary. The specific dividing line between the two terms is subjective and will differ from person to person. a little bit different from each other. “Apparel” is also slightly more[…]

Social Compliance Audit Checklist in Garments Industry

Social Compliance Audit Checklist in the Garments Industry Introduction In the highly competitive garments industry, social compliance plays a crucial role in ensuring ethical practices and maintaining sustainable business operations. A social compliance audit is an essential tool that helps assess a company’s adherence to various social and labor standards. This article aims to provide[…]

Top 40 Textile Engineering Universities in Canada

Canada is a North American Country, a neighbor of the USA and Mexico. As it is a nice country, international students love to come, study and settle here. Canada is also one of the best places for Textile engineering universities for graduation, post-graduation, and Ph.D. Here we will discuss Textile Engineering Universities in Canada, their[…]

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