Cost Reduction by Value Enginееring(VE) in Apparel Industry

Cost Reduction through Value Enginееring (VE) in Industrial Enginееring in Apparel Industry In today’s competitive apparel business landscape, cost reduction is a constant priority for companies seeking to enhance their profitability and maintain a competitive edge. Industrial еnginееring professionals play a critical role in the apparel industry achieving cost savings through value еnginееring—a systematic and[…]

Difference Between Handloom and Powerloom

Loom is a Woven Fabric Manufacturing Machine. There are two types of Loom machines; one is Handloom and another is Powerloom. Are you wondering if still handloom exists in this era? There are many significant reasons why handlooms still exist and how important it is. We are here to find out the difference between both[…]

Digital Printing on Fabric: Digital Printing Process Step By Step

Digital Printing on Textile Fabric: Digital Printing Process Step By Step Have you ever wondered how intricate designs are printed on clothes? Although there are many types of technology available for printing clothes, digital printing is one of them. Printing intricate designs on clothing was an expensive process that required specialized equipment and skilled labor.[…]

What is the Difference Between Stitching and Sewing?

When there are two names, there must be some differences. Like that here is two word; Stitching and Sewing. Technically both have two different names and little different definitions Stitching and sewing are related but slightly different processes in creating fabric-based items. In this article, we present What is the Difference Between Stitching and Sewing?[…]

7 Different Types of Cargo Pants You Would Love to Wear

Cargo pant is so established in everyday fashion that you probably don’t give them a second thought. You undoubtedly have at least one pair in your closet right now, and you’ve probably worn a variety of cargo pants in your life. It is used as casual wear clothing, not worn for formal purpose. However, there[…]

What is Lycra Fabric: Characteristics, Uses, Care, Maintenance

One of the most notable features of Lycra Fabric is its outstanding elasticity. This fabric can stretch up to five times its original length, providing exceptional freedom of movement and a comfortable fit. It’s this elasticity that has made Lycra fabric a popular choice in a wide array of clothing items, ensuring they adapt to[…]

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