Daily Compliance and Housekeeping checklist of Garments Industry

Compliance and Housekeeping As a compliance factory, there is some responsibility to follow for every garments industry to comply with compliance and Housekeeping requirements. So every garments industry follows a checklist for following up factory compliance and housekeeping. These are the most important things to do export garments manufacturing business. Daily Compliance and Housekeeping Checklist[…]

Different Types of Embroidery Used in the Garments Industry

Embroidery Embroidery is a kind of craftwork that is made by using needles and thread of yarn, unlike a sewing machine, embroidery works in a pre-defined pattern. Generally, embroidery uses in the garments industry to increase the decoration of garments products. The type of embroidery usually depends on the work of the yarn. The use of embroidery[…]

Different Types of Quality Control Inspection in the Garments Industry

Quality inspection In any garment industry, different stages have different types of inspections for specific purposes for ensuring the best quality readymade garments. Every inspection point has a specific responsibility; this article is all about different types of quality control inspections in garments. Here we go; Different Types of Quality Control Inspection in the Garments[…]

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