Job Responsibilities of Technical Manager in Spinning Mill

Job Responsibilities of Technical Manager/GM/Head in Spinning Mill Industry

Technical Manager is an expert manager in the spinning mill with exceptional leadership skills and is committed to providing customer satisfaction. Strong analytical abilities and strategic planning skills to develop effective procedures and efficient solutions to address production issues, improve operational efficiency, and reduce overall project costs. In this article, we discuss the Job Responsibilities of a Technical Manager/GM/Head in the Spinning Mill Industry.

Job Responsibilities of Technical Manager in Spinning Mill

What are the Job Responsibilities of a Technical Manager in a Spinning Mill?

  1. Visit the customer’s place and provide the customer with technical support.
  2. Reduce the conversion cost and increase productivity.
  3. Identify the new customer and improve the sales and process fine-tuning work.
  4. Guidelines for new-type fiber processing at the customer’s place
  5. Identify the competitor fiber characteristics and improve our supplied material characteristics.
  6. Customer-facing problems are identified and guided by a root-cause analysis.
  7. Supplied raw material variation was identified, and customer-facing problems were communicated to the plant team.
  8. Maintaining plant-wise, count-wise, machine-wise, mill-wise, material-wise quality data.
  9. Erecting and commissioning prototype and pilot batch draw frame machines at R&D pilot mills and on-site
  10. Customer complaint handling in the draw frame machine.
  11. Mapping the customers’ complaints and following up with R&D design.
  12. Verification and validation of the modification component.
  13. Technological trials were taken on different raw materials. (Count-wise) and processing at the blow-room garment stage.
  14. Run different raw materials of the Pilot batch machine and identify the root causes of quality and reliability, communicate with the R&D team, and solve the problem of the machine before production.
  15. Verification and validation of mélange yarn processing (blend mélange and cotton type mélange)
  16. Verification and validation of blended yarn processing
  17. Different staple materials are processed at the machine (bamboo, nylon, Tencel, modular, etc.).
  18. Verification and validation of the fancy yarn processing programmed at machines. (Slub, Siro, Grindle)
  19. Process capability monitoring on competitor machines and machines.
  20. Raw material selection and mixing preparation
  21. Control the beaks in all departments.
  22. Responsible for all-level quality control and quality assurance activities.
  23. The reduction rate of complaints in dispatch material.
  24. Cost reduction in processes in all departments
  25. Spectrogram analysis in all departments
  26. Manpower allocation in all departments and reducing the workload
  27. Minimize the maintenance costs in all departments.
  28. Improve the higher YR getting activity


The Roles and Responsibilities of a Technical Manager are very important in a spinning mill. This job especially focuses on customer requirements.

Job Responsibilities of Technical Manager in Spinning Mill

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