What is Textile Industry? Definition, Meaning, Processes, Types

What is the Textile Industry: Definition, Meaning, Processes, Types Introduction Initially, before going into the depth of the textile industry, let’s first understand the basic meaning of textiles. The simple meaning of Textile is woven or knitted fabric made from yarn. But not only from fiber, yarn, and fabric or any other product category made[…]

Types of Color Fastness Tests of Textile Fabric

Types of Color Fastness Tests of Fabric In the Textile Industry When it comes to textiles and clothing, the vibrancy and longevity of color are paramount. Nobody wants their favorite shirt to fade after just a few washes or their curtains to lose their luster from exposure to sunlight. This is where color fastness testing[…]

Terry Cloth Fabric: Types, Advantages, Application

Terry fabrics have uncut piles on one or both sides like velvet fabrics. It is a fabric that has the ability to absorb large amounts of water. As terry fabric is soft and comfortable, this fabric is used in soft cloth items such as towels, diapers, etc. Terry fabric knitting or weaving can be made[…]

7 Diverse Uses of Denim Fabric

Denim fabric, with its rugged texture and timeless appeal, has transcended its humble origins as workwear to become a staple in the fashion industry and beyond. Its durability, comfort, and versatility have led to a myriad of creative applications across various sectors. These characteristics, along with its iconic status in pop culture, contribute to denim’s[…]

Fabric Storage Procedure in Warehouse of Apparel Industry

Fabric is the main material converting Fabric to cloth. Fabric color is exactly the cloth color, the appearance of the fabric is the cloth’s visual appearance. So storage is very important to keep the quality. There some certain rules and procedures we have to follow for fabric storage. Here I present key Fabric Storage Procedures[…]

10 Interesting Facts about Denim and Jeans You need to know

Love denim? Not only you, but most people also love wearing clothes. Denim is also a cotton textile that’s in all probability most related to blue jeans. The foremost common color of denim is indigo, which is formed by the victimization of blue and white threads. Denim was originally bleached with a dye created from[…]

Unveiling the Innovative Working Principle of the Abrasion & Pilling Tester

In the realm of modern materials, the ability to assess their durability is crucial. Enter the Abrasion & Pilling Tester, a cutting-edge device that has redefined the way we test the resilience of various materials. This article delves into the ingenious working principle behind this revolutionary technology, highlighting its remarkable features, advantages, and real-world applications.[…]

What is Laminated Fabric: Application, Advantage, and Importance

Laminated fabric, an innovative textile technology, has taken the world of fashion, outdoor gear, and industrial applications by storm. This unique material offers a diverse range of benefits, combining the durability of traditional fabrics with the protective properties of coatings and films. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of What is Laminated[…]

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