Fabric is something used to make clothing in apparel industry. It is made by interlacing or interlocking two or more set of yearns.

Made from yarn and use for clothing process. There are 3 types of fabric found in this earth:

1. Woven fabric

2. Knit fabric

3. Non- woven fabric

We are going to discuss on fabric in this catering.

The Convenience of an Online Fabric Store: Your One-Stop Shop

Linen is an easy-breezy fabric, perfect for sunny summers. What’s better is that shopping for this comfortable, breathable, and lightweight fabric while sitting at home has never been easier! Whether you want to make an outfit or are looking for home decor supplies, linen is the perfect choice. All you need to do is browse,[…]

Problems Faced While Buying Fabric in Textile and Apparel

One of the most crucial and difficult duties in the apparel industry is sourcing fabric. Fabric is an indispensable item for clothing. A minor error could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Here I present 8 Common Problems Usually Faced While Buying Fabric in Textile and Apparel. But how do you tell which length[…]

9 Reasons Why We Need to Sort Our Fabric Store NOW

Fabric stores typically organize fabrics by fiber content, color or print, and weight. Some stores may also organize by intended use, such as quilting or apparel fabric. also offer sorting services, so it may be worth checking out what is available in your area. Additionally, many online fabric stores offer sorting options as well. Find[…]

Difference Between Greige Fabric and RFD Fabric

A fabric has different stages from manufacturing to cutting for clothing. Mainly fabric produced by weaving or knitting process, then there are some treatments to make ready for dyeing. After dyeing and some finishing process, we get the finished fabric. Every stage of fabric, we define by a name. These are Greige Fabric, RFD Fabric,[…]

Difference between Woven Fabric and Knit Fabric

Woven fabric and knit fabric are two of the most common types of fabric used in the textile and clothing industry. Woven is used for formal dress clothing, and knit is used for casual dresses. The main difference between the two lies in their manufacturing process, structure, and yarn properties. Because of these differences the[…]

Fabric Sourcing Factors for Apparel Business

What is sourcing? In one word sourcing means to source something, but sourcing is a term in the supply chain process. Understanding a company’s business for a material or product, Sourcing the right material selection from the right vendor, and buying goods from that specific vendor. So, Sourcing is a procurement Process and supplier management[…]

What is Knitting | Types of (Knitted) Knit Fabrics

You may already know about the size and type of Fabrics. Fabric manufacturing is generally done in 2 different ways. The fabric made by one method is called woven fabric and the fabric made by another method is called knitted fabric. To make knitted fabric, interlocking of a series of loops made from one or[…]

Difference Between Warp Knitting and Weft Knitting

Knitting is a fabric process that produces knit fabrics. The process of interlocking loops of yarn, using one or more needles. Knitted fabrics can be stretchy, warm, durable, and comfortable, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Knitting is also an enjoyable and relaxing hobby for many people. Generally, Knitting is two types;[…]

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