• Textile is a broad term, cannot write in one sentence. Any manufacturing process related to yarn, fabric is under textile. Textile include Spinning (yarn manufacturing) , thread manufacturing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, Non-woven, Medical textile, Fiber and Fabric.

What is Laminated Fabric: Application, Advantage, and Importance

Laminated fabric, an innovative textile technology, has taken the world of fashion, outdoor gear, and industrial applications by storm. This unique material offers a diverse range of benefits, combining the durability of traditional fabrics with the protective properties of coatings and films. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of What is Laminated[…]

What is Bonded Fabric: Its Types, Application and Advantage

Introduction In this article, we will go through the overview of bonded fabric. So in this article, we will dive into, an introduction to bond with the bond fabric, its history, different types of bond fabrics, and its various application. So let’s start with the history of bond fabric. In the year 1952, the first[…]

10 Best Fabrics for Hot Weather: The Ultimate Guide

Summer comes again in the round of every year, and you cannot avoid this. So we need comfort from the summer hit. When the sun’s rays become relentless, staying comfortable in hot weather requires choosing the right fabrics. The ideal fabric should be lightweight, breathable, and capable of wicking away moisture to keep you cool[…]

Top 6 Spinning Machinery Manufacturers for Textile Industry

Spinning Machinery Manufacturers For Spinning Mill of Textile Industry Yarn is the start of the Textile products manufacturing process. To make Fabric, Apparel Fashion, the yarn comes first. The yarn manufacturing process is called spinning. Where the yearns are manufacturing, we call a spinning mill. The whole spinning is process a machine manufacturing process, human[…]

Challenges Faced by Handloom Weavers: Ergonomic Perspective

Challenges Faced by the Handloom Weavers – From an Ergonomic Perspective We are proud to say that the Indian handloom industry is well known for its traditions and cultures which makes the crafts unique. It is setting up for millions of people and helping in the source of their livelihood. The Indian handicrafts and the[…]

Experience with Textile Engineering College Facilities

In a world where fashion, functionality, and sustainability are paramount, textile engineering colleges play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the textile industry. These educational institutions provide a dynamic platform where aspiring engineers learn the art and science of transforming fibers into innovative fabrics, merging creativity and technology seamlessly. From designing and manufacturing[…]

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