• Textile is a broad term, cannot write in one sentence. Any manufacturing process related to yarn, fabric is under textile. Textile include Spinning (yarn manufacturing) , thread manufacturing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, Non-woven, Medical textile, Fiber and Fabric.

Different Types of Fabric Used in T-Shirts

Do you plan to place an order for T-shirts, or plan to start your own T-shirt manufacturing business? It is important for you to know about the different types of fabric used in T-shirts. In order to create the best t-shirt design, it is just essential to choose the right fabric. This is why it[…]

All Textile Abbreviations | Abbreviations used in Textile

Textile Abbreviations An abbreviation is a shortened form to save time when speaking, and space when writing a word. The abbreviation is usually done to take less time in a document or a selection. There are many abbreviations used in the textile sector; here include all yarn manufacturing (spinning), fabric manufacturing, Dyeing and printing, and[…]

SWOT Analysis of Bangladesh Textile Industry

Finding strength is not merely the measurement of doing the right. Rather it explores operational disguise and inertia. The Textile Industry Market involves business criteria, productive segmentation, supply and demand, market research, new competitors and patterns, etc. The SWOT analysis is mostly used tool to research textile and apparel industry performance in the world through which no single[…]

Different types of fabric Defects with pictures

Fabric Defect There are many fabric defects generated in the weaving and knitting process and yarn has some defects as well that directly affect fabric quality. As fabrics are the main part of textile and apparel, knowing fabric defects or faults is important. Fabric is used directly in apparel and fashion, controlling fabrics is the[…]

What is Textile? Types of Textile

What is Textile? The term ‘Textile” is a Latin word originating from the word ‘texere’ which means ‘to weave’. Textile is fiber, yarn, fabric, dyeing, printing, or clothing in the textile industry; and these things manufacturing processes like spinning, weaving, knitting, etc. Textile design and fashion are also part of the textile. Textiles are classified[…]

Overview of the Global Textile Industry

Textile Industry We call as Textile Industry what is manufactures textile products fiber, yarn, sewing thread, fabric, dyeing process, and clothing. The Textile Industry does not only involve the process of weaving but also the process of designing in which first. We design a product whether we are going to manufacture some kind of fabric[…]

Difference between Yarn and Thread

Yarn and Thread are not the same things functionally and technically, so it is different by name as well, but both are manufactured in different textile industry for different purposes. Yarn is for the fabric manufacturing process but the thread is for the fabric sewing process. Both are important for the Textile and apparel industry[…]

Overview of Medical Textile

Among the variation of clothing lines medical textile is a little bit different, sensitive & way too much innovative; because this is not just only focused on apparel based; in the general sense most commonly used in the protection of healthcare professionals & patients from containment fluids. The major requirements for medical textiles are that[…]

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