• Textile is a broad term, cannot write in one sentence. Any manufacturing process related to yarn, fabric is under textile. Textile include Spinning (yarn manufacturing) , thread manufacturing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, Non-woven, Medical textile, Fiber and Fabric.

Actions of Carding Machine in Spinning (Yarn Manufacturing)

Different Actions of Carding Machine in Spinning (Yarn Manufacturing) Process The carding machine is called the “Heart of the spinning”. It is also said that “Well card is half spun”. Becasue Yarn manufacturing process is impossible without carding. And, It has the key functions in the manufacturing process. Carding is the first process which is[…]

Introduction of Dyeing and Dyes and their Properties

Dyeing is a coloration process in the textile industry using dyes solution. After dyeing, dye molecules have an uncut chemical bond with fiber molecules. Recipe, Temperature, and time control are the key factors in dyeing. Here we are discussing on Introduction of Dyeing and Dyes and their Properties. The term simply means in Textiles “Coloration of[…]

Chemistry of Bleaching Process in Textile Industry

Bleaching Process Bleaching is an important process of wet processes in the textile industry. It is a pretreatment process of dyeing and printing which removes natural color from the fabric to get a bright white fabric. Bleaching is a process used in textile production to whiten fabrics. The bleaching process is done chemically in dyeing[…]

What is Natural Dye/ Dyes?

Natural dyes are biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-allergenic It has a wide variety of health benefits and it has been mentioned in VEDAs as well. These dyes are easily decomposed in nature after use and they do not pollute the environment while destroying them after end use. In the present situation, sustainability and eco-friendly a big[…]

Fabric Sourcing Factors for Apparel Business

What is sourcing? In one word sourcing means to source something, but sourcing is a term in the supply chain process. Understanding a company’s business for a material or product, Sourcing the right material selection from the right vendor, and buying goods from that specific vendor. So, Sourcing is a procurement Process and supplier management[…]

What is Knitting | Types of (Knitted) Knit Fabrics

You may already know about the size and type of Fabrics. Fabric manufacturing is generally done in 2 different ways. The fabric made by one method is called woven fabric and the fabric made by another method is called knitted fabric. To make knitted fabric, interlocking of a series of loops made from one or[…]

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