• Textile is a broad term, cannot write in one sentence. Any manufacturing process related to yarn, fabric is under textile. Textile include Spinning (yarn manufacturing) , thread manufacturing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, Non-woven, Medical textile, Fiber and Fabric.

List of Ingredients and Their Functions Used in Printing Paste

List of Ingredients and Their Functions Used in Printing Paste in the Textile Industry The process of printing involves uniformly adding color to cloth to create ornamental patterns. It is a step in the wet processing process, which comes after the cloth has been pretreated or dyed. It’s done to create visually appealing patterns on[…]

Career Opportunities in Textile Sector of Pakistan

Career Opportunities in the Textile Sector of Pakistan Textile has its position in Pakistan. Many people belong to the textile field. It is the 2nd largest field of earning in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the largest cotton-producing countries in the world. Both directly and indirectly, the textile sector employs the most significant number of[…]

How to Get a Job in Fashion and Textile Industry: 5 Ways

How to Get a Job in the Fashion and Textile Industry Securing your first job in the fashion and textile industry may not be easy, but several strategies can be adopted to assist your entry into a career and make you stand out from competing applicants. Consider applying the same amount of effort and planning to gain[…]

What is Cotton Lycra Fabric/ Cotton Spandex Fabric and Its Uses

Two fiber blending in one fabric is typical for good fabric quality to get better fabric properties. As per the use and demand of Fabric characteristics, sometimes fabric needs to be softer and firmer in existing fiber. So we can blend some percentage of other fiber content to get the required quality. This article presents[…]

What are the 6 Best Legging Fabric Materials?

Types of Legging Material | 6 Best Legging Fabric Materials A piece of women’s attire that fits particularly tightly over both legs, starting from the waist to the feet, like a very thin pair of trousers, is known as leggings. Generally, what happens is that women probably don’t think twice about the Fabric materials that[…]

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