Career for Textile Engineers in Garments Washing Industry

Career for Textile Engineers in the Garments Washing Industry and Buying House

In the current situation, textile engineering is one of the best professions, but it is not at the level of doctors and lawyers. A better engineering degree than other disciplines. Textile Engineering consists of different sections such as Spinning Technology, Fabric Manufacturing Technology, Apparel Manufacturing Technology, Wet Processing Technology, and Textile Management. Though every section plays an essential role in its area as well as in Textile Engineering there’s a little job profession that has a bright career. A career in ‘Garments Washing Plant’ is one of that professions where anyone can reach his target more quickly than any other profession if he will spend a few years there. In this article, you will learn about Career for Textile Engineers in the Garments Washing Industry.

Career for Textile Engineers in Garments Washing Industry

Career Opportunities for Textile Engineers in the Garments Washing

Garment washing and dyeing is part of Wet Processing Technology which enhances the beauty of garments. The same type of garments can produce several effects for several washes. Different types of washing processes can be done here depending on garment construction.

For Twill/Canvas/Knitted garments, normal wash, pigment wash, caustic wash, and silicon wash have been done. For Denim/Jeans/Gabardine garments, enzyme wash, stone enzyme wash, bleach wash, and acid wash have been done.

A textile engineer can achieve the position of Production Officer, Assistant Chemist, Chemist, Chief Chemist in the washing plant, and wash technician at the Buying house.

Mentioning its importance, one of the reputed directors of the Ha-Meem washing plant Mr Nazmul Hossain, has said that if anyone has a textile graduation certificate and 4-5 years of working experience in the washing plant he won’t look back. Gradually, I can enjoy every facility of a washing plant with a huge salary.

One of the professors of the textile engineering department at Prime Asia University has delivered his thoughts about a career in washing plants. He said that though the garment washing sector is growing day by day in Bangladesh, there’s no available educated and technical manpower, especially textile engineers. A few textile engineers are now working here, which is too short for the requirements. It will be the best decision to build a bright future if the textile engineer can take this challenge and serve himself in this profession.

One of the Chief Chemists of the Ha-Meem washing plant, Mr Jamal Hossain, also said that textile engineers have a huge opportunity in the washing plant if he will capture the total features of garments washing. By using his experience, he can control the buyers. An experienced textile engineer in this sector not only works in a washing plant but also in buying a house as a wash technician. Wash Technician is the main in garments buying houses where textile graduates have got the maximum priority for this position.

Ashim Ghosh, a senior wash technician of a reputed buying house named VF Asia Ltd (currently Kontor), Bangladesh, has said that a lot of nontechnical persons are involved in this sector. If you get any single chance to prove yourself in this profession, you don’t miss it. Remember it: the brightest future is waiting for you, which will provide you with an enjoyable life.

Career for Textile Engineers in Garments Washing Industry

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