Types of Embroidery Machines and their Functions

Different Types of Embroidery Machines and their Functions Introduction By employing stitches made from silks and yarns and occasionally sequins, beads, feathers, and pearls, embroidery is a skilled method for adorning clothing by hand. Chinese embroidery dates back to the fifth century BC. One of the most renowned embroidery houses in the world today is[…]

Cutting Defects in Garments Industry and Their Causes

Cutting Defects and Causes of Cutting Defects in the Garments Industry In the cutting department of the Garments industry, Cutting defects can have a significant impact on the overall production process, leading to increased costs, wasted materials, and customer dissatisfaction. Understanding the causes of cutting defects in the garments industry is essential for manufacturers to[…]

Application of AI in Textile and Apparel Industry

Application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the Textile and Apparel Industry Introduction In today’s scenario, it is a proven fact that textile manufacturing and apparel is a major industry. It is simply based on the conversion of fiber into yarn, yarn into fabric, and then fabric to apparel that is into fashion. Nowadays, the scope[…]

Application of Logic ERP Software in Apparel Industry

Logic Software Limited is the country’s leading and largest ERP software company in the world of software used in the textile and garment industry. Over a long decade, the company has consistently been 100% confident in the service, reaching a unique height. With the help of logic software, Bangladesh’s garment sector is leading the world[…]

How to do Pest Control in the Garments Industry

The purpose of this procedure is to control the pest inside the whole organization. This procedure is applicable to the organization’s premises and boundaries. 90% of Pest control depends on preventing the pest rather than cure i.e. killing them by using pesticides or different medicine. So, the principle of pest control is not to let[…]

Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure in Garments Industry

Trims are smaller accessories parts of a garment. Those are integral parts of making a garment, only require fabric except them. Generally, Trims are Labels, Elastic tapes, Zippers, Velcro, Buttons, Interlining, lingerie components, and Thread. We have to keep them in the appropriate manner. I present Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure in the Garments Industry. Trims[…]

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