Importance of Internship in Textile Engineering

What is an Internship in Engineering?

An internship is a practical learning workplace for a certain (temporary) period, it can be the last semester of academic or work starting of a career. It can be either paid or unpaid. Nowadays, many garments buying a house offer paid internships for newly graduated textile engineers. This content is about the Importance of Internship in Textile Engineering.

Objectives of Internship

  • To learn about the overall department and manufacturing process in assigned areas
  • Having practical experience and following up in the different sections and learning about
  • different process.
  • Converting theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge
  • To learn and implement different lean tools
  • Having Practical knowledge about different processes and products of the Textile and apparel industry.
  • Following up in the sewing and finishing section and learned about different production and IE processes.
  • Having an idea about the merchandising process.
  • Sharing recommendations with the factory management.
Importance of Internship in Textile Engineering

Importance of Internship in Textile Engineering

Industrial practice is a great opportunity for students to learn about the industrial culture and to relate their theoretical knowledge to real corporate culture. It helps us develop ourselves according to the industrial environment. It was a great opportunity at the factory to apply theoretical knowledge for the improvement of any industry, and engineering students can learn so many things that will play a vital role in building up a good career. Textile Engineering is a large thing that divides into textile fiber, yarn manufacturing, fabric manufacturing, dyeing, printing, and garments manufacturing. As it is a large sector, internships are the most important thing to learn industry practice and get ready ownself for an industry job.

Finally, internship is important for textile engineering study and textile engineers. Because most textile engineers work directly in the textile industry in the initial stage of their career. An internship is an opportunity to cope with the industry environment and work.

Importance of Internship in Textile Engineering

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