Career Opportunities in Textile Sector of Pakistan

Career Opportunities in the Textile Sector of Pakistan

Textile has its position in Pakistan. Many people belong to the textile field. It is the 2nd largest field of earning in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the largest cotton-producing countries in the world. Both directly and indirectly, the textile sector employs the most significant number of human resources. So there are a lot of Career Opportunities in the Textile Sector of Pakistan. Nowadays, the textile industry is facing many problems in Pakistan, like the energy crisis, etc. Nowadays, the textile industry in Pakistan is facing a lot of problems, and many new graduates in textiles are jobless. Unemployment is increasing in Pakistan’s textile sector as well as in other fields. We present career opportunities in Pakistan’s textile sector in detail.

The leading problem the world is facing today is unemployment. The unemployment ratio is increasing rapidly due to the shortage of resources, and many crimes are automatically created when unemployment takes place. Pakistan and Asian countries are facing many problems these days, and one of the problems is unemployment. Pakistan has limitless natural resources, but the problem is that resources have been wasted since Pakistan became independent in 1947.

Career Opportunities in Textile Sector of Pakistan

Textile is the single field in Pakistan with many uneducated persons leading the units just because of their experience. Many educated textile graduates are jobless just because there are no job opportunities or they have no references.

In Pakistan, there are very few universities that provide education in textile technology. There are few public universities and very few private universities that provide education in textiles. Private sector students are facing more problems than public sector students because students of the public sector have their seniors who are running the textile factories they are just hiring juniors from their universities. They have a monopoly in the textile fields, but private students spend a lot of money during their studies, and after graduation, they don’t get desirable jobs.

The population growth rate in Pakistan is very high, which is one of the biggest causes of unemployment in Pakistan. The resources of Pakistan, or any country, are always limited, and sadly Pakistan has exceeded the optimum level of its resources.

The present government is taking some serious steps toward the textile field. They are supporting the textile business. Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif has approved the project of setting up Garments City near Kala Shah Kaku Motorway. The city would be set up on over 1000 acres of land, where a Pak-China industrial zone would also be established. The Garment City would provide all facilities to the industrialists under one-roof. The City will also get a labor colony, hospital, and infrastructural facilities on a priority basis.

While addressing the meeting, the chief minister said the Garments City project is of vital importance and would be implemented expeditiously. He said that all matters regarding the glorious Garments City project would be settled transparently.

After the establishment of this garment city, textile graduates will get their desirable jobs, whether they are public sector or private sector students. If Pakistan settles down its energy crisis, then textiles will have a very bright future, and the future of textile students will be very promising. That’s all on the Career Opportunities in the Textile Sector of Pakistan.

Career Opportunities in Textile Sector of Pakistan

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