What is Cotton Lycra Fabric/ Cotton Spandex Fabric and Its Uses

Two fiber blending in one fabric is typical for good fabric quality to get better fabric properties. As per the use and demand of Fabric characteristics, sometimes fabric needs to be softer and firmer in existing fiber. So we can blend some percentage of other fiber content to get the required quality. This article presents what cotton lycra fabric and cotton spandex fabric are and the uses of cotton lycra fabric.

What is Cotton Lycra Fabric/ Cotton Spandex Fabric and Its Uses

What is Cotton Lycra Fabric/ Cotton Spandex Fabric?

Cotton Lycra fabric is also known as Cotton spandex Fabric or cotton elastance. It is a combination of two fabrics, cotton and Lycra. Generally, Cotton Lycra blends 95% cotton and 5% Lycra, spandex, elastane, or ration can vary little. Cotton Lycra fabric is a popular choice for clothing and other textile products due to its unique blend of comfort, durability, and stretch. The GSM of Cotton lycra is 200-225.

A very common and popular Fabric, cotton lycra, is used in almost most clothing items; it is used in T-shirts, leggings, underwear, shapewear clothing ( activewear, swimwear), etc. Features of Cotton Lycra Fabric:

  • This item has a moderate to higher level of elasticity.
  • It is very comfortable and soft to wear in clothes.
  • It is durable
  • Wrinkle free
  • Smooth, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and highly breathable.

Common Uses of Cotton Lycra Fabric

  • T-Shirt: Adding lycra with cotton makes T-shirts more comfortable. That’s why almost all the T-shirts are in a cotton-lycra blend.
  • Shapewear Clothing: We can not think of shapewear clothing without spandex blended with cotton. Strectability keeps always fit with the body.
  • Athletic Clothing: All Athletic Clothing has a mixture of spandex fiber.
  • Multiple Uses: Items are Loungewear, Sweatpants, underwear, Shirts, Pants, Waistbands, Bike Shorts, Bras, Socks, Motion Capture Suits, Hiking Apparel, Yoga Pants, Sports Bras, etc. Even most socks are made from Lycra, especially for the winter season. The Cotton Spandex Fabric is significantly added to socks; otherwise, users may have difficulty putting them on and removing them due to poor elasticity.
What is Cotton Lycra Fabric/ Cotton Spandex Fabric and Its Uses

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