How Right Rash Guard Can Boost Your BJJ Training

How Right Rash Guard Can Boost Your BJJ Training – Ultimate Guide

BJJ rash guards are known for their form-fitting features. This unique sports attire can contribute to your physical activities. Whether you opt for surfing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or MMA, rash guards offer optimal comfort and freedom of movement. This article presents How the Right Rash Guard Can Boost Your BJJ Training.

Nevertheless, with several choices in brands, materials, and designs, you can find yourself in a tough spot when choosing one. Also, you can be skeptical about whether long sleeves or short sleeves are a good choice. The origins of rash guards can be traced back to the 1970s(Australia). Surfers choose to wear rash guards to protect themselves from the scorching heat, wind, and surf wax.

Take a backseat and relax, as we are here to help you acquire the most suitable rash guard to fulfill your needs. Here’s how you can make your choices in rash guards accurately and easily.

How Right Rash Guard Can Boost Your BJJ Training

Must-have aspects in rash guards

Add more fun and enjoy frictionless outdoor activities with contemporary rash guards. Physical activities are one of the best ways to improve your blood circulation and overall fitness. The right choices in rash guards can help you withstand high-intensity sports and activities.

Nonetheless, make certain that your rash guards offer you the following aspects for an extravagant experience.

Purpose of use

Rash guards can help fulfill numerous purposes. Before you opt for one, it is important to determine your purpose. Rash guards are the optimal choice for the following sports.

●       Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Improve your ground fighting and submission with rash guards. During Brazilian jiu-jitsu, rash guards protect against mat burns, abrasion, and skin infections. You can maintain proper hygiene during this close contract grappling.

●       Surfing

Rash guards are an optimal choice for surfing. A study published in the International Journal of Dermatology found that rash guards made with tightly woven polyester fabric blocked up to 97% of UVA and UVB rays. It offers UV protection and provides thermal effects for cooler water. Also, rash guards can be a lightweight fabric shield against sun rays.

●       Mixed martial arts

Enjoy a seamless MMA training session with compression BJJ rash guards. With enhanced muscle support, you can improve your performance. Rash guards add a layer of protection during training or competition, you can consider Infinitude Fight to get high-quality fight apparel at an affordable price.

Opt for high-quality materials

Choosing the right materials in rash guards is essential. You need to figure out the perfect material as per your game or purpose of use. The following materials make rash guards unique, tight-fitting attire for numerous activities.

●        Polyester

Polyester is a lightweight material that offers durability and wrinkle-resistance features. It is advantageous if you’re looking for quick drying and UV protection for surfing or other activities.

●        Spandex

Spandex or lycra offers elasticity and allows a snug fit for seamless comfort. You can enjoy compression fit for high-intensity sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

●        Nylon

Nylon is a lightweight and durable fabric. The smooth texture and moisture resistance are ideal for water sports or activities.

●        Polyester-spandex blends

Enjoy the durability and flexibility of polyester and spandex blends. It offers a balance of comfort, flexibility, and moisture-wicking properties.

Perfect fit and size

The right fit and size can help you optimize your performance and activities. You need to determine your personal preferences for accurate fit and sizes. Rash guards offer two types of fit for every individual.

●        Compression fit

Compression BJJ rash guards provide a perfect fit for blood circulation and prevent muscle soreness. It gives you a streamlined look that appears tight but doesn’t disrupt your comfort.

●        Regular fit

You can choose a regular fit or baggy look for non-intense sports or activities. These loose-fit attire gives you a casual look for a relaxed experience.

Ideal stitching type

Reinforced stitching makes rash guards an ideal choice for intense sports or training. You must ensure that your rash guard stitching offers durability and comfort. While picking rash guards, look for the following stitching type.

●        Flatlock stitching

Flatlock stitching protects you against skin irritation and chafing. The flatlock stitching method is used to combine two pieces of fabric. It offers flat seams that lie smoothly against the skin.

●        Overlock stitching

Overlook stitching is to sew the edges of two pieces of fabric. This additional reinforcement makes rash guards more durable and extends their longevity.

Design and style choices

For a unique style, you have the opportunity to get customized bjj rash guards based on your requirements. There are some online stores offering these customization options, so better to go for thes. Also, opting for long or short sleeves is a personal choice you have to make. You can pick rash guards for gym sessions, too, for a seamless experience. Opt for striking designs or patterns to make a noteworthy appearance at your practice sessions.


Durability is a factor that you should not overlook. For sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu or MMA, you need to perform high-intensity moves. Consider rash guards with reinforced seams in high-wear areas.

Moisture absorbing feature

Moisture absorption is a must for high-intensity sports. Look out for rash guards that consist of quick-drying materials. Staying dry and moist-free can contribute to your success. You can enjoy more controlled and frictionless combat.

UV protection

For outdoor sports activities, it is important to ensure your rash guards consist of UV protection features. The UV protection guards will help you prevent skin irritation and abrasion.

Cost consideration

Finding rash guards that fit your budget is essential. However, it is vital to get rash guards that are affordable and durable. High-end rash guards can be worth investing in. but if you’re short on cash, it is good to pick an affordable rash guard.

Choosing reputable brand

Choosing a reputable brand is the most important aspect of rash guards. You can go through customer reviews and ratings to ensure credibility of it. Research your brand options thoroughly for a profitable purchase.

Final thoughts

Selecting the right rash guard for yourself is important to maximize performance and safety, particularly in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Important factors to consider are to select premium fabric like polyester, spandex or nylon and ensure the right fit. Companies are offering customized rash guards for your team members like Infinitude Fight, where you can find high-end yet affordable rash guards with your logo, sizes and brandings.

How Right Rash Guard Can Boost Your BJJ Training

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