List of Machines Used in Blow Room Section in Yarn Spinning

List of Machines Used in Blow Room Section in Yarn Spinning

Blow room is the first operational process in the yarn manufacturing ( Spinning process). This process requires some machines. The blow room contributes only about 5-10% to the production cost of the ring-spinning mill. From a cost accounting point of view the installation is itself not a relevant cost factor. Blow room eliminates foreign matter, but they can do this only with the simultaneous of some of good fibers. In this article, we discuss on List of Machines Used in the Blow Room Sections in the Yarn Spinning process.

Task of Blow room:

There are the following tasks of the blow room,

  1. Opening
  2. Cleaning
  3. Mixing or Blending
  4. Dust removal
  5. Recycling the waste
  6. Uniform feed to card
List of Machines Used in Blow Room Section in Yarn Spinning

List of Machines Used in Blow Room Section in Yarn Spinning

1. Auto Plucker:

The Plucker is the first machine, which is used for grabbing raw cotton in regular order in the form of small tufts from the bales through the use of a beater. The grabbed tufts are sucked by the aid of condenser.

2. Bale opener:

Bale opener is used for the blending and opening of cotton. The cotton from the mixing department is directly feed to the lattice with the help of the condenser.

3. Maxi flo:

The maxi flo is a vital beating point now a days and it is an integral part of many blow rooms in Pakistan. This opens and cleans the cotton.

4. Multimixer: (MPM8)

The multimixer machine is used for the mixing of raw materials. And consists of several(6-8) adjutancy chute chambers into which the material is blown from above. The chutes are fed successively, and the material is removed from all chutes simultaneously. This gives a long-term blend. Injection of flocks onto the collecting conveyer is done by beating the roller under the chutes. The filling height is held fairly constant by feelers. The machine was available heights 2,3 and 4 meters.

For the transportation of the material conveyor belt is used but in this MPM machine the suction is used for the transportation of material.

5. Loptex

The Loptex (Italy) Sorter analyses the material that flows in the channel optically and ultrasonically. Loptex provides the detection and removal system of foreign fibers and foreign materials integrated in cotton. Both sensor systems will monitor continuously the raw material in respect to its average density and brightness.

6. Dustex (Trutzschler DX):

The material comes to Dustex after treatment in Loptex. The Dustex basically separates the dust from cotton. The material is thrown against the mesh and then transported to the Carding department. The machine is used for dedusting the fiber material. The fiber material flow is drawn by a transport fan and guided uniformly onto the perforated plates by distribution flap.

7. TV Fan:

The TV fan performs the air and material transport between the processing machines via pipelines or channels. The material is sucked in at the intake end; it is blown out at the discharge end. These operations take place under defined flow conditions. The TV fan does not have its own control. The fan is switched on and off automatically by the electrical control.

8. Uniclean b11:

A large roller equipped with specially designed pins guides the raw material several times over a set of grid bars between entry and exit which results in a high cleaning efficiency, the material passes simultaneously through the extraction system which results in a high dedusting effect on the machine. The material guidance system within the machine is purely mechanical and independent of the transportation of air. A vacuum system with a lock roler bellow the machine automatically removes the waste.

9. Cleanomat:

This cleaner is of a modular design and can be composed of up to four base modules. The rollers are equipped with spikes, needles, or saw tooth wires, depending on the requirement. Each roller is driven independently by a three-phase motor.

It has four successive cleaning rollers of the same diameter. The first roller is equipped with solid spikes. The following three rollers are wired with saw tooth wires of decreasing size and turn at higher speeds in the direction of the material flow. Each roller is equipped with mole knives and a vacuum system, which remove the waste immediately at the point of extraction.

These are the List of Machines Used in Blow Room Section in Yarn Spinning.

List of Machines Used in Blow Room Section in Yarn Spinning

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