Different Parts of a Needle

Different Parts of a Needledle

A needle is a necessary item for any stitching process. We can use a needle to create a hole in the fabric, leather, or other material. Oh! That also adds that for carrying the needle filament through the garment. We can also make a needle thread loop. So two basic models of needles are plumb and crooked. Most often, plumb one for sewing our clothes, and it’s used almost everywhere; crooked needles are needed on a blind stitching machine.

We cannot think of sewing a cloth without a needle. The needle penetrates during the sewing process to stitch by threads. A sewing machine is for the sewing process, but how to do sewing is definitely by a Needle. A needle has a few parts, and every part has a specific function. There are big and small sizes of needles available on the market. We can choose it on the basis of what fabric we want to work on. Basically, thickness and objectives are parameters of selecting a needle.

Different Parts of a Needle

Here are some things that people can easily identify. Though it’s not necessary to discuss all for the sake of the concept, we can add these to the list: –


It’s the first part of the bottom edge, and it can appoint the needle with the needle bar of the machine. The butt is the thickest part of a needle. This part connects with a sewing machine. The sewing machine holds it tightly for functional work.


Shank is the largest part of a needle. It can be two types round and flattened shank. Round is the general; it needs to be fixed by hand to make sure that scarf is stuck with the hook.


It’s between the butt and the blade.


The blade does most of the work as it’s the largest part of the foreground, and it causes most of the abrasion between the needle and garments.


It provides a closer term of the hook to the needle.


It gives the superb entrance of garments according to their characteristics.


The tip is the last edge point of a needle, which is very sharp, and used to penetrate fabrics. If the tip loses its sharpness, the fabric will have a needle cut. Every Needle has a lifetime, which that maybe 12-14 hours.


The needle eye is a hole that holds stitching thread during the sewing process; the needle eye passes through a material (fabric) during stitching.

Different Parts of a Needle

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