What is Trim Card in Garments Industry | Its importance and use

What is Trim Card in the Garments Industry The trim card is also known as ‘Swatch card‘, a common word in the garments manufacturing industry. So it is a Swatch card in the garments industry. To assure Fabric & Trims which are going to be used for production are approved by the Buyer / Merchandiser[…]

SOP for OCS (Organic Content Standard) Production in Garments

SOP for OCS (Organic Content Standard) Production process in the Garments Industry The Standard Operating procedure for Organic content standard goods production process of the Garments Industry. It is a voluntary standard that provides a chain of custody verification for materials originating on a farm certified to recognized national organic standards. The standard is used to[…]

Fabric Inspection in 4 Point System

Fabric inspection needs for the finished fabric manufacturer and garments maker. As garments manufacturer buy finished fabric to cut for making garments. To determine the quality of the fabric the inspection report can give all the answers to the questions regarding fabric quality. There are few other fabric inspection systems, but the 4-point system is[…]

Dyeing Faults, their Causes, and Remedies

Dyeing is the main operation of Wet processing in Textile Industries. Whatever pretreatment process we do in the textile industry, that’s all for proper dyeing of fabrics. Dyeing is a coloration process to give yarn and fabric color from grey. The dyeing process has faults for some specific reasons. So we need to reduce dyeing[…]

Roles of Quality Manager in Apparel Industry

Quality Manager is to bring success to the company by ensuring that the products, performance, systems, and processes adhere to set standards and requirements. Having been a Quality Assurance Manager for many (could be 10+) years, a QA manager enhances his abilities in assessing requirements, investigating and setting up standards, performing actual systems testing, determining[…]

Responsibilities of GPQ in Garments Industry

What is GPQ in the Garments Industry? GPQ, known as guidelines for production and quality in the garments industry. GPQ has involvement where buyer QC deals with the factory. Those are Preproduction(PP) meeting, in-process quality Review, sewing end-line quality review, finishing the end-line quality review, and most important Final inspection.GPQ has engaged in taking some[…]

List of Sewing Defects found in Garments Industry

Quality control is the first parameter in the garments industry. 3 major sections in the garments industry; cutting, sewing, and finishing. Sewing is the biggest section of all 3 as garments manufacturing is all about sewing. The sewing process and stitching are very sensitive and sewing machines use to sew the fabric in the garments[…]

Application of Pantone for Color Evaluation in Textile and Apparel

Color Evaluation in Textile and Apparel: The Application of Pantone Introduction: Pantone is a color-matching system in the standard form. It has occupied the fashion and apparel industry through the Pantone swatch card. The Pantone swatch card is a creation on a double-layered fabric. Moreover, it gets formulated to ensure color fastness and color consistency.[…]

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