Shade control Procedure of Woven Garments

Shade Control in Garments

Shade control is an important thing, shade is a big factor for garments and clothing. There is some system and procedure that will make sure proper shade control in garments product.

Shade control Procedure of Woven Garments

Shade Control Procedure of Woven garments

1. Try 100% roll of order quantity in-house at a time by the merchant due to smoothly maintain the shade.

2. During fabric inspection carefully notice how much shade variation.

3. Cut 6″ by 6″ fabric from every roll (head cut) and overlock stitch.

4. Make sure to give fabric lot, fabric consignment number and roll number by waterproof marker & keep documents.

5. Do wash according to spec sheet wash instruction/wash recipe.

6. If during fabric inspection found too many shade variations make 100 % tube of fabric inspections and wash according to spec sheet wash instructions. (We can talk about fabric supplies regarding the shade issue.) or we can use Salvage Marker and Group Market but fabric consumption will be increased.

7. Now do shade segregation by shade lightbox, use artificial D65 light. Now do Shade- A (50 Roll), Shade – B (80 Roll), Shade – C (Roll – 30), and Shade – D (Roll 60).

8. During the fabric lay cutting section, the first lay which shade is more like: Shade B, then Shade D, Shade A final Shade C.

9. If the order quantity is small at a time we can fabric lay but use separately plain paper to indicate shade.

10. Intact fabric lay according to fabric shrinkage & shade.

11. After cutting, create a bundle cut where keep cutting no. Serial No. Bundle no. & Shade No.

12. Front leg panel was written by tailoring chalk shade A, shade B, etc.

13. In the sewing line give a lay chart according to the lay chart operator will attach the shade label to see.  ( leg panel written shade A, shade B, etc.)

14. From sewing output, will be shade-wise bundle & sent to wash. And better to use shade a label in garments.

15. Wash department during the dry process and wet process make sure separate shade, no mixed up anyway. (Here have a chance to bundle shade mix up)

16. During wash QC must close monitoring & keep a shade band after every wash lot wash QC compare with shade. If not match talk to the wash technician.

17. After coming back from the wash, garments will go through by shade inspection, if those passes they can be input finishing; if not then sent back to the washing factory.

18. Garments finishing process can run shade wise so that shade wise packing can be done easily.

We must maintain shade procedure due to for shade variation will be short shipment & many staffs work for control shade but do not shade control. Ultimately some last cartons pack mixed shades. So, from this post hope, well the result will get shade control.

So, this way we can do shade control in the garments industry.

Shade control Procedure of Woven Garments

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