Quality Control SOP Needed for Garments Industry

What is SOP?

SOP is a standard operating procedure to set standards for an operation, process, inspection, testing, or any type of task. A standard operating procedure explains a working procedure or instruction step by step elaborately about how to do a process. SOP helps us to follow a specific procedure to do anything; whenever we want to do anything, a question may arise about how to do this, that is what SOP gives us exact instructions.

List of Quality Control SOP Needed for Garments Industry

Garments Quality Control SOP

SOP is very important for a garments industry to know how to do a task, as every individual process is very sensitive in the garments industry. So functional SOP plays a key role in the garments manufacturing industry. Every buyer owns an SOP for their vendor to follow in their manufacturing process. So garments manufacturer is bound to follow their customer SOP to proceed with any export order. We can do anything the right way in garments manufacturing just following, SOP guides us on how to do and what to do for any operation or function.

List of Quality control SOP needed for a Garments industry:

  1. Fabrics inspection SOP
  2. Shade band submission and approval procedure
  3. Trims and accessories inspection SOP
  4. CAD Room pattern making SOP in Garments Industry
  5. Garments pattern making and control SOP
  6. Pre-Production Quality Control SOP
  7. Fabric Relaxation SOP
  8. Fabrics spreading and cutting SOP
  9. Shade control and pattern-making SOP
  10. Embroidery process SOP in Garments Manufacturing
  11. In-process quality control procedure
  12. Sewing Machine operating SOP
  13. Sewing quality inspection SOP
  14. Measurement control SOP of Garments industry
  15. Broken Needle control SOP/procedure
  16. Sewing quality control SOP
  17. Garments Washing and Shade grouping procedure
  18. Washed batch approval and handling SOP
  19. Button pull testing process SOP
  20. Button pinch setting SOP
  21. Finishing quality control SOP
  22. Metal detection procedure/ SOP
  23. Finished Garments Warehouse/ CTPAT procedure
  24. Mold Prevention and Control SOP of Garments industry
  25. Final Quality inspection SOP
  26. Sample submission and Approval procedure
  27. Denim washing SOP

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    Quality Control SOP Needed for Garments Industry

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