Difference Between Straight Knife and Round Knife Cutting Machine

Difference Between Straight Knife and Round Knife Cutting Machine

Cutting machines are the first operational machines in the garment manufacturing flow. So the machines play the role of fabric cutting according to a pattern. Fabric lays on the cutting table in the spreading process to cut. Over ten types of cutting machines are used in the garments industry to cut fabric materials; Straight knife cutting machines and round knife cutting machines are used most.

Straight Knife Cutting Machine

The straight knife knitting machine is used most in the garments industry. It cuts through the cloth on a cutting table with an up-and-down motion of a straight, sharp blade. Every cutting device has a user who manually guides the material while the blade slices it. In industries where precise cutting is crucial, such as clothing manufacture, upholstery, automotive, and packaging, straight knife cutting machines are widely utilized. In smaller operations like home-based sewing and craft firms, they are also utilized.

Round Knife Cutting Machine

It is also known as a rotary-cutting machine for its circular cutting knife. Unlike the straight knife machine, it has a circular blade. Round Knife Cutting Machine’s RPM is high, circulating at 17000 RPM. It little bit more costly and the productivity is lower than the straight knife.

Straight Knife and Round Knife Cutting Machine
Fig: Straight Knife and Round Knife

25 Differences Between Straight Knife and Round Knife Cutting Machine

SL No.Straight Knife Cutting MachineRound Knife Cutting Machine
01 Automatic grinding.A manual grinder is used here.
02Reciprocates up and down.No option for reciprocation.
03Corners and curves can be cut accurately.Suitable only for cutting in straight Lines or very gradual curves, in depths of about 15 centimeters.
04Most versatile and commonly used.Not popular as like straight knife.
05Blades length 6 to 14 inches.Knife diameter varies from 6-20cm.
06It has a vertical blade.It cannot be moved easily by a wheel.
07Comparatively cheap.Comparatively higher cost than a straight knife.
08Automatically lubrication.Lubrication is manually done.
09Suitable for straight-line & curve lines.It can be moved easily by a wheel.
10Very low R.P.M. and knife height.Suitable for gentle curve line cutting.
11Fabric can be cut from any angle.Can be cut high curve line around the knife.
12Can be cut high curve line around the knife.It can be cut with fewer curve lines than a straight knife.
13A large number of fabric lays can be cut by the machine due to the high length of the knife & R.P.M of the motor.Low productivity since few numbers of layers can be cut.
14Productivity is higher than the round knife.Apparel productivity is lower than a straight knife.
15Higher R.P.M and knife height.The workload is higher than a straight knife.
16Suitable for higher production.Not suitable for large production.
17In this machine, the machine is movable but the fabric is fixed.The machine is stationary and the fabric is movable.
18Risk is high for the physical damage of the operator.Less possibility compared to a straight knife.
19Here, the knife is thicker.The knife is narrower than the straight knife.
20Less workload than the round knife.The knife height is 10 cm to 33 cm.
21Motor R.P.M is 3000 to 4000.Motor R.P.M is 800 to 1600.
22There is the possibility to cut fabric.Not possible to cut fabric directly.
23Flexible movement helps to cut non-linear shapes.Knife diameter varies from 6-20 cm.
24Sharp and heavy corners can be cut.A round knife is like a saw cutter.
25It is not like a saw cutter.Round knife is like a saw cutter.

Finally, Both cutting machine has some differences in their operation but the purpose is the same as the fabric. Both, Straight Knife and Round Knife is common in the cutting department garments industry.

Difference Between Straight Knife and Round Knife Cutting Machine

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