Technology Impact on Apparel Retailing: An Overview

Technology Impact on Apparel Retailing

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. The relationship between technology and fashion is scaling to new heights. Every apparel industry is accountable for designing and manufacturing new clothing with new technologies to obtain a mark in the minds of people. In this article, we present an overview of the Technology Impact on Apparel Retailing.

Technology – A vital part of Apparel Retailing

The essential part of the growth of apparel industries lies with the advancements in technology. Specialized machinery for various operations is used for large quantities of clothing production in a shorter time. The way retailers do their business has transformed to a greater extent by internet and mobile technologies. Retailers have become more technology-conscious in order to deal with the highly competitive market. They adopt technology to sustain and catch the attention of customers at the global level.

Nothing is constant in fashion. The marketing strategy for apparel retailing is changing day by day. The exceptionally competitive areas of apparel retailing are adopting technologies that facilitate the customers for easy product purchase. As a result of embracing technological advances, a stronger relationship is developing between consumers and designers. So the Technology Impact on Apparel Retailing is an important part.

Technology Impact on Apparel Retailing

4 Key Things on The Technology Impact on Apparel Retailing

Let us now discover how technology is extending a platform to apparel retailing

1. Analysis of trend forecast:

In earlier days, a group of people travel around the world to produce a report on trend forecasts. It takes more than one month to process. With technological advancement, the data is virtually fed to retailers and designers in a fraction of a second.

2. Garment Design and outfit construction:

In connection with the latest trend, alterations can be made to the garments accordingly. Technology extends its support by using stored templates for style, color palettes, and much more through digital libraries. This makes the design team feel comfortable to see the changes where the information is stored as a whole in one place.

3. Fast Fashion for everyone and everywhere:

In the current fashion scenario, what is seen on the models or dummies in retail shops today will be in the hands of fashion lovers tomorrow. The social group between the upper and working classes is the middle class. The middle class is the customers for fast fashion purchases. With the technological advances, retail business offers fast fashion at a cheaper rate.

4. E-Commerce:

With the high use of the internet, accessing fashion is more feasible from all corners of the world. This internet acts as a boon between customers and fashion retailers, where the customers get their choice of fashion from online stores. The working advancement of the SEO industry keeps e-commerce always on the hunt for apparel retailing business.

Interaction between Fashion lovers and retailers through social media

The role of Social media in the fashion business is outstanding. Almost all brands have social Media connected with the customers and they easily analyze the needs and wants of their customers. The customer opinion influencing the design process is easy to analyze through social media. The opportunities for the company’s brand awareness can be done through social media. Promotion is an important aspect for every apparel business in the competitive scenario. Apparel retailers adopt Social Media to get feedback about their products and to maintain customer relationships.

Product visibility

The exact inventory can be tracked by the retailers with the help of technology and the materials on the shelf can be re-stocked.

3D sensors

In order to introduce a feel of realistic fit before purchase, 3d sensors from body metrics technology is used to map the body’s measurements and shape by accessing body metrics online.

Altogether it can be said that the use of technology in apparel retailing is becoming a vital part day by day. Definitely, you cannot ignore technology for apparel business growth.

Technology Impact on Apparel Retailing: An Overview

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