Assessment of Quality in Finished Garments in 10 Steps

Assessment of Quality in Finished Garments

Finished garments mean is finished product, with nothing remaining to do on it, just to be ready to sell or wear to say in one word. So the quality of the finished garments is required to be ultimate level. A question arises in my mind, what can be the quality Assessment of finished garments? In this article, we present a details assessment of Quality in Finished Garments of the garments industry.

What are the Key Areas for Assessment of Quality in Finished Garments?

  1. Stitches
  2. Seams
  3. Hems
  4. Openings
  5. Darts
  6. Pockets
  7. Collars
  8. Sleeves
  9. Labels
  10. Measurement/ Fit Inspection
Assessment of Quality in Finished Garments


  • ✓ Should be the correct type for the fabric
  • ✓ Should be uniform in size
  • ✔Should be well secured at the ends


  • ✔Should be flat on the outside of the garment with no puckering
  • ✓ Should be even width
  • ✓ Seam allowance should be generous not skimped
  • ✓ Should be appropriately neatened
  • ✓ Should be suitable for the type of fabric used and the garment style


  • ✓ Should be suitable type for the fabric and the style of the garment
  • ✓ Should be inconspicuous on the right side
  • ✓ Should be a suitable depth
  • ✓ Should have a smooth flat lower edge there should be no sign of puckering


  • ✓ Should be suitable for the style of garment
  • ✔Should be an adequate length
  • ✓ Should be strong, particularly at the end where most strain occurs.


  • ✔Should be the correct length
  • ✓ Be correctly positioned
  • ✓ Should be well pressed


  • ✓ Can be functional for decoration only
  • ✔ If functional should be in the correct position
  • ✓ Should be strongly made and lined if possible


  • ✔Should be set on evenly and centrally
  • ✔ Under collar must not show
  • ✓ Should be cut on the correct grain


  • ✓Must hang correctly
  • ✓ Should be appropriate length and width in keeping with either style and design requirements
  • ✓ Should have well-neatened armhole


  • ✓ Should be secured and attached in an appropriate position for the type of garment

Measurement/ Fit Inspection

  • ✓ Measure the kew measuring points
  • ✓ Garments Shape according to dummy.


The quality of finished garments depends on certain factors including the materials used, the skill of the manufacturer, the production processes employed, and adherence to quality control standards. Factors such as stitching, fabric quality, seams strength, hems, color fastness, and overall construction play a significant role in determining the quality of the finished garment. This quality assessment has must needed import points of finished garments.

Assessment of Quality in Finished Garments in 10 Steps

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