Different Types of sewing machines used in Apparel industry

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is used to join two or more plies of fabric together by stitching and an operator needs to operate the sewing machine to produce stitching. There are many different types of sewing machines used in the apparel industry for different purposes. All sewing machines are run by electrical power, manual sewing machines are used at home only and do not need electricity to run. Modern sewing machine produces high speed with many others features. As stitching has variation machine types wise, there are many different types of sewing machines used in the garments industry. You will see almost 40 types of sewing machines used all over the world.

Different types of sewing machines used in Apparel industry
Sewing Machine

Types of Sewing Machines

1. Manually operated sewing Machine

The machine which not needed electrical power to run is a manually operated sewing machine. Manually operated sewing machines are cheaper than electrical sewing Machines. And speed and production are less than electrical sewing machines. Manually operated sewing machines are used in the home for personal clothing tasks. A manual sewing machine is used for functioning a few limited sewing works.

2. Electrically operated sewing Machine

Electrical sewing machines are industrial sewing used in the apparel industry, higher speed modern sewing machines have computerized control panels that enable to make a thousand stitches per minute, very much useful for mass production. Modern electrical sewing machines have so many features like auto thread tension, auto thread trimming, feed-dog adjustment, etc.

List of different types of Sewing machines used in Apparel industry

  1. Single Needle Lock Stitch machine (Plain machine)
  2. Double-needle lockstitch machine
  3. Three thread Over Lock Machine
  4. Four thread overlock machine
  5. Five thread overlock machine
  6. Six thread Over Lock Machine
  7. Flatlock machine
  8. Two Needle Vertical machine
  9. Single needle Chain stitch machine
  10. Two-needle chain stitch machine
  11. Kansai machine
  12. The feed of the arm
  13. Saddle stitch binding sewing machine
  14. Bar tack machine
  15. Velcro attach machine
  16. Velcro automatic cutting machine
  17. Buttonhole machine
  18. Button stitch machine
  19. Eyelet hole machine
  20. Snap button attach machine
  21. Zigzag machine
  22. Label cutter machine
  23. APW sewing machine
  24. Label sewing machine ( Pattern sewing machine)
  25. Rectangular Sewing machines
  26. Embroidery sewing machine
  27. Automatic 2-needle Belt-loop Attaching Machine
  28. Decorative Stitch Machine
  29. Cover stitch machine
  30. Round hole machine
  31. Fed of the arm (Double chain stitch m/c with three needles),
  32. Interlock machine (twine needle, 5- thread overlock machine)
  33. Lap seaming m/c (for back tape attaching),
  34. Zigzag sewing m/c (one needle
  35. Linking machine
  36. Top and bottom cover stitch flatbed machine
  37. Button covering stitch belt loop making m/c (Kansai m/c)
  38. Bias tape-cutting machine
  39. Blind stitch Machine
  40. Over-edge Machine.
Different Types of sewing machines used in Apparel industry

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