Different Parts of a Zipper

What is a zipper?

A zipper is with a fly, or zip fastener was formerly known as a clasp locker which is a binding device for tying the opening edges of cloth or other flexible material such as clothing or bag. Most parts of a zipper have two rows of extended teeth and a slider made of plastic or metal connecting the rows. The slider runs along a row of teeth. Inside the slider, there is a Y-shaped channel that depends on the movement of the slider and joins or separates the opposite rows of teeth. It is used in various garments such as pants, jackets, jeans, hoodies, etc. It is also widely used in luggage and other bags, play equipment, camping gear like tents and sleeping bags, and other items. Zippers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and lengths. A zipper does not have too many parts, very few parts for a specific purpose. To know more about this subject, you have to read this article to know details about the different parts of a Zipper.

We cannot think of a garment without a zipper. Rarely there is a garment or cloth without a zipper. Zipper placement is in the sensitive part of the human body.

Different Parts of a Zipper

Different Parts of a Zipper

A zipper does not have too many parts; it has some specific function. Here are below:

  1. Zipper tape
  2. Teeth or chain
  3. Slider body
  4. Slider pin/teeth
  5. Stopper

Zipper Tape

Zipper tape is the ‘fabric’ that runs along the sides of the teeth. The length and width of the zipper tape vary according to the type of zipper. It is sewn together with the garment. Tape can be of a different color.

Teeth or Chain

Zipper teeth can be made of plastic, metal, nylon, or aluminum. The teeth are joined together using a slider. Teeth are playing a functioning role in a zipper. Teeth and slider assemble for zipper functioning.

Slider Body

The slider joins or separates elements when opening or closing the zipper. Different types of sliders are available. The slider is attached to the teeth which separates or closes them.

Slider Pin/teeth:

This is an important part of the zipper that is attached to the slider and users can move the slider up or down. The slider pin is moving for zipper opening and closing.


The upper stops are located on top of the teeth on both sides and prevent the slider from pulling off the teeth.

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Different Parts of a Zipper

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