Maintenance Checklist of Cone Winding Machines in Textile

Preventive Maintenance Checklist of Cone Winding Machines of Sewing Thread in Textile

Cone winding is a finishing process of yearning or sewing thread packaging. A cone winding machine is a piece of equipment used in textile and sewing industries to wind sewing thread onto cones or spools. It is an essential part of the thread manufacturing process, as it allows for efficient and uniform winding of thread onto larger storage units. Here we go details Maintenance Checklist of Cone Winding Machines in the Textile industry below.

Performing regular preventive maintenance on cone winding machines for the sewing thread finishing process is crucial to ensure their optimal performance, prevent breakdowns, and prolong their lifespan. Here’s a general checklist of preventive maintenance tasks for cone-winding machines. It’s important to note that this checklist is a general guideline, and specific maintenance requirements may vary depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the unique characteristics of the cone winding machine you are using.

Maintenance Checklist of Cone Winding Machines in Textile

Preventive Maintenance Checklist of Cone Winding Machines

Sl. No.Maintenance checklist
1Spindle thorough checking and cleaning       (a) Yarn crill                                                       (b) Inlet Ceramic Eyelet and Bar                      (c) Loop Catcher                                              (d) Magnetic Yarn Tensioner & o ring.            (e) Outlet Ceramic Eyelet                                  (f) Oil Aplicator, Inlet & outlet Ceramic Guide.                                                                        (g) Yarn Detector                                               (h)  Yarn Barcket                                                (i) Yarn Displacement Drum                             (j) Clean Bail Roller & Supporter
2Cam alignment check and cleaning ( Disassemble, cleaning, assemble and adjust)
3 Timing Belt adjusment checking and cleaning
4Bail roller & Supporter alignment adjusment and cleaning
5 Timing Belt adjustment checking and cleaning
6Sensor ( yearn, door, empty tube) adjustment and functionalize.
7Electrical cabinet ( back side) cleaning.
8Air regulator checking and cleaning ( filtr functionalize)
9All control and power cable tightness checking ( 48V & 24V cable & connector replacement)
10Right Flange Checking & Cleaning ( Rubber bucket,o -ring Spring, replacement and adjustment)
11Driving Head cleaning and checking ( Spring, Bearing, Distancebust, replacement)
12Doffer checking, Cleaning & maintenance (  Axial Bearing, Brush Bush, cylinder+blind, Scissor, cone holder adjustment )
13Machine calibration & Recalibrate ( Diameter)
14Door Lock Checking & Maintenance ( Cable with connector  replacement & position adjustment)
15Lube applicator cleaning ( each component disassemble, cleaning & assemble, communication cable replacement)
16PLC card cleaning ( electronics card disassemble, cleaning, heating, and fixing)
17Lube line cleaning ( lube drum, lube line fitting, pump & cable replace & joint pipe- 16 mm replacement
18Electrical Panel cabinet cleaning.
19Checking of Compressed air line Leakage
20Availability of Blind in Pneumatic Line (Where Applicable)


Cone winding machines vary in size, capacity, and features depending on the specific requirements of the textile industry. They can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, offering different levels of control and productivity. But the Preventive Maintenance Checklist of Cone Winding Machines is the same.

Maintenance Checklist of Cone Winding Machines in Textile

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