How to Maintain FIFO in Warehouse of Garments Industry

How to Maintain FIFO (First In First Out) in the Warehouse of Garments Industry The First in First method (FIFO) simply means what comes in first will be handled first, what comes in next waits until the first one is finished. The physical flow of goods. When the physical flow of goods is actually first-in,[…]

Difference between Lining and Interlining

Difference between Lining and Interlining | Lining and Interlining Fiber Types Lining and Interlining Both are being used in the garments industry as cloth trimming. Both trims are attached to the garment part through the fusing process, sewing process, or ironing. We use them on the inner side of the garment, not visible from the[…]

11 Reasons why do we Wear Clothes

11 Reasons why do we Wear Clothes In ancient times, people used to wear tree bark. With the evolution of human civilization, people have been tuning into clothing. Wearing Clothes is mandatory for civilized society. Now we wear clothes mainly to protect ourselves, reduce shyness, Fashion, and Professionalism; ultimately we are humans of a civilized[…]

What are Differences between Trims and Accessories

If you have fabric, what more do you need to make a garment? Trims and Accessories are the items used to make cloth in the garments industry apart from fabric. You find can this list what are materials needed in the BOM sheet in the garments industry. These items help some fabric cut panels to[…]

How to Calculate and Reduce WIP in Apparel Industry

How to calculate and reduce WIP in Cutting, Sewing, Washing, and Finishing of Apparel Industry What is WIP? WIP stands for work-in-progress or work-in-process, that is describing the amount of product in the production process between sections. WIP report telling the number of unfinished products in a different process to be finished. Raw material and[…]

List of Machinery used in Garments Industry and their Functions

We cannot think about any industry without machinery, machineries are the heart of any industry. The garments industry is based on sewing machines. There are different types of sewing machines used in the garment industry like lock stitch sewing machines, chain stitch sewing machines,s and many others. Apart from sewing machines, the garment industry has[…]

10 Benefits of Following Fashion Trends

Whenever we are thinking about fashion trends, we need to know first what fashion trends really meant. Trend, which is basically referred to as a movement of a particular thing that is going on currently. It indicates a general direction or movement in the design and clothing that are famous during a particular time span.[…]

What Is Fashion Cycle | 5 Stages of Fashion Cycle

What Is Fashion Cycle | 5 Stages of Fashion Cycle? The fashion cycle means the cyclical trends of fashion which refers to starting to the ending of a fashion trend. It indicates the fashion products that go through time. We know culture isn’t static, when culture isn’t static how can fashion be? Fashion trend is[…]

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