What is Trim Card in Garments Industry | Its importance and use

What is Trim Card in the Garments Industry The trim card is also known as ‘Swatch card‘, a common word in the garments manufacturing industry. So it is a Swatch card in the garments industry. To assure Fabric & Trims which are going to be used for production are approved by the Buyer / Merchandiser[…]

Classification of Fashion in Details Description

Fashion is a means of self-expression and autonomy in a given time and place in a specific environment. It includes clothes, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, and much more. Fashion has the power to both shape and also be shaped by society and is frequently seen as a reflection of the social and cultural views of a[…]

What is Fashion | Classification of Fashion with Description

What is Fashion | Classification of Fashion with Description What is Fashion? Fashion refers to how people dress, as well as the styles and designs that are popular or in trend for a specific period. It is an ever-evolving art form that can reflect the lifestyle, values, attitudes, and beliefs of a society. Different society,[…]

Responsibilities of CAD Manager in Garments Industry

CAD, Computer-aided design, garments patterns get the required shape and size. The manager is responsible for looking after all CAD-related activities like patterns and markers. He is responsible for developing the CAD system, maintaining and upgrading computer hardware and software, providing training and technical support to users, and developing standards and processes for CAD use.[…]

Production Planning and Control in Apparel Industry

Production planning is the controlling part of any manufacturing process to schedule, execute the tasks scheduled, and deliver the demanded quantities in a timely manner. This is the heart of any manufacturing unit to have a snap of every activity needed to secure the merchandise. It acts as the center that gathers all the information[…]

Responsibilities of Internal Auditor for Social Compliance in Garments industry

Internal Auditor is a good option export garments industry. The independent internal auditor helps the industry with assessment. Internal auditors utilize external social compliance auditing experience in the internal assessment in the manufacturing/garment industries. The internal Auditor for Social Compliance is an independent auditor who helps the garments industry for assessing all Compliance issues’ effectiveness[…]

Introduction of Dyeing and Dyes and their Properties

Dyeing is a coloration process in the textile industry using dyes solution. After dyeing, dye molecules have an uncut chemical bond with fiber molecules. Recipe, Temperature, and time control are the key factors in dyeing. Here we are discussing on Introduction of Dyeing and Dyes and their Properties. The term simply means in Textiles “Coloration of[…]

Chemistry of Bleaching Process in Textile Industry

Bleaching Process Bleaching is an important process of wet processes in the textile industry. It is a pretreatment process of dyeing and printing which removes natural color from the fabric to get a bright white fabric. Bleaching is a process used in textile production to whiten fabrics. The bleaching process is done chemically in dyeing[…]

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