E-commerce in Fashion Industry: Importance, Trends, Challenges

E-commerce in Fashion Industry: Importance, Trends, Facts, Challenges and Opportunities Introduction We all love online shopping, and why not when you get your favorite clothes with just one click? As I am writing now, E-commerce has already entered in Fashion industry. And it’s everywhere in the world, and this entry is very successful, working for[…]

Fashion Forecasting: Types, Steps, Importances, How to Do It

Fashion Forecasting: Types of Fashion Forecasting, Importances, Steps, How to Do It and Fashion Forecasting 2023 Have you ever predicted what will come next as fashion style? Well, if you do that then you are forecasting the fashion. Fashion sums up with colour, fabric, design,  detailing and many more. When we predict what would be[…]

Terry Cloth Fabric: Types, Advantages, Application

Terry fabrics have uncut piles on one or both sides like velvet fabrics. It is a fabric that has the ability to absorb large amounts of water. As terry fabric is soft and comfortable, this fabric is used in soft cloth items such as towels, diapers, etc. Terry fabric knitting or weaving can be made[…]

How to do Pest Control in the Garments Industry

The purpose of this procedure is to control the pest inside the whole organization. This procedure is applicable to the organization’s premises and boundaries. 90% of Pest control depends on preventing the pest rather than cure i.e. killing them by using pesticides or different medicine. So, the principle of pest control is not to let[…]

7 Diverse Uses of Denim Fabric

Denim fabric, with its rugged texture and timeless appeal, has transcended its humble origins as workwear to become a staple in the fashion industry and beyond. Its durability, comfort, and versatility have led to a myriad of creative applications across various sectors. These characteristics, along with its iconic status in pop culture, contribute to denim’s[…]

Fabric Storage Procedure in Warehouse of Apparel Industry

Fabric is the main material converting Fabric to cloth. Fabric color is exactly the cloth color, the appearance of the fabric is the cloth’s visual appearance. So storage is very important to keep the quality. There some certain rules and procedures we have to follow for fabric storage. Here I present key Fabric Storage Procedures[…]

How to Style an Unstitched Chiffon Dress

Unstitched Chiffon Dress The unstitched chiffon dress is a major fashion favorite for feminine charm and classic beauty. It’s a canvas of elegance and a symbol of versatility. The unstitched Pakistani chiffon suits provide a blank canvas for creativity and individual expression, allowing you to craft a style statement that’s uniquely yours. From the delicacy[…]

Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure in Garments Industry

Trims are smaller accessories parts of a garment. Those are integral parts of making a garment, only require fabric except them. Generally, Trims are Labels, Elastic tapes, Zippers, Velcro, Buttons, Interlining, lingerie components, and Thread. We have to keep them in the appropriate manner. I present Trims Warehouse Storage Procedure in the Garments Industry. Trims[…]

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