QC file in Garments industry

What is the QC file in the garments industry? QC file is the combination of QC needed items like trim card, spec sheet/ tech pack, and PO sheet. QC file is something that is needed for the quality and production department, especially for the quality department to verify all quality parameters ensured in all stages[…]

Difference Between Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style Fashion is currently trending now for both men and women that are being featured in Magazines, TV, or fashion runways; Fashion trends differ gender and age-wise. On the other hand, style differs from man to man and is unique to everyone. And also depend on a person’s individual opinion. But we often[…]

12 Different Types of Zippers Used in Apparel Industry

A zipper is a device of clothing that is used to bind two fabric parts together, an important part of a cloth or bag. A zipper is used in a product of the apparel industry as an important trims though it is a very small part in size and functionally zipper is a very much[…]

Different Types of sewing machines used in Apparel industry

Sewing Machine A sewing machine is used to join two or more plies of fabric together by stitching and an operator needs to operate the sewing machine to produce stitching. There are many different types of sewing machines used in the apparel industry for different purposes. All sewing machines are run by electrical power, manual[…]

What is Spandex: Physical and Chemical properties ||| Uses of Spandex

A fast-paced consumer lifestyle demands comfort and shape in all phases of life. Increasing corporate workforce and gym-goers around the globe have led to a shift in garment manufacturing, which has trickled down the supply chain to textile production. The fashion industry has accommodated these changes with a focus on ease of movement and flexibility[…]

Sustainability Issues for Textile and Clothing Industry

Sustainability is the ability to maintain anything at a certain standard rate or level in terms of business, economic, environmental, and social. Mainly sustainability depends on 3 things people, the planet, and profits. The easy definition of sustainability is meeting the requirement of the present without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet theirs.[…]

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