Types of Sample used in Garments

What is Garments Sample?

Garments Samples are is what used in the garments industry as samples. Generally, samples are approved by the customer. A garment sample is a single garment item that represents all garments in a style, color, lot, batch, PO, or the entire order. It is not possible for the buyer, buyer technician, buyer QC or buyer-nominated person to check the quality and requirements of all the garments in any garment order separately. That is why the buyer or buyer-nominated person judges the various qualities of the garment item with the help of several types of samples on behalf of an order. Also, in the case of placing a new order, how the bulk garments will look is considered with the help of samples. This article is about Garment Sample definition and different types of Sample used in Garments.

The garments industry complies with the customer sample requirement, and go through all sampling process. Proper stitching and garment measurements are the keys to maintaining good sample quality. If the sample does not get approved In order to know whether the specification points are followed properly, different types of samples have to be made at different stages of production and submitted to the buyer for approval. A sample may not meet all the requirements of the customer, so the customer approves it with some comments. Comments tagged with the sample. So it is important to read the comments tag when after receiving the sample.

Garments Sample: Types of Sample used in Garments.

Different Types of samples are used in Garments Industry

Proto Sample

This is the first sample before the order head. This sample is made after receiving the requirement from the buyer. It is made with available Trims & Accessories at the factory and shown to the buyer for styling checking only.

Fit Sample

The sample is made according to the fabrication provided by the buyer. Although not the actual color, the sample is made by keeping the GSM and yarn count in other colors. This sample is made according to the Fabrication, Composition, and GSM provided by the buyer. There is no problem if the fabric of this sample is any color but Fabrication, Composition, GSM and Thread Count must be as per the buyer’s requirement. The main objective of the fit sample is to make garments sample according to buyer measurement requirements.

Photo Sample

This sample is made with Actual Fabrics, Trims & Accessories and shown to the buyer. Take photos from the sample for e-commerce and other purposes.

Size Set Sample

By grading according to the size given by the buyer, a few garment samples are made for each size and shown to the buyer. The objective of the Size set sample is to measure garments whether those are meeting specifications or not. Size set sample requires to check pattern.

Counter Sample

This sample is made as a reference to the original order. The sample is prepared and submitted to the buyer with the help of all the requirements of the garment like actual Trims & Accessories, Size, Color, Fabric Type, Print, Embroidery, Wash, etc.

PP or Pre-Production Sample

Before starting bulk production, samples are made by making two pieces of each size or could be more. And all production of Bulk is done following this sample. PP sample reviewed during PP meeting by customer QC.

Seal Sample/ Gold Seal Sample

The seal sample is for bulk production referring, also known as the gold seal sample. Production and QC team follow gold seal sample during bulk lot production. So the gold seal sample is the most important sample in garment production.

Salesman Sample(SMS)

SMS we call in the garments industry, this sample is almost the same as Pre-Production Sample. Many buyers ask for these samples. SMS samples are used as samples for selling, and keeping demos. The outlook of SMS must nice and attractive.

TOP or Top Over Production Sample

From the production, randomly few products take buyer QC. Those products send to buyer QA departments for inspection. This is called the top sample.

Shipping Sample or Shipment Sample

A sample that represents the whole shipment lot. The buyer has to give this sample to understand what kind of garment will pass the final inspection and what will be its quality.

Garment Package Test- GPT Sample

This is a garment lab testing sample, send to 3rd party lab for the different tests of a garment product. Garments tests include colorfastness, RSL, PH, and some other physical and chemical tests. Test report coming from 3rd party lab is important documents for garments buyer that ensure the whole garment lot is safe for users.

Among the samples discussed above, each buyer may ask for a different sample or each buyer may ask for a different type of sample at a different stage. All sample requirement little varies buyer to buyer in the Garments industry.

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Types of Sample used in Garments

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