Snap Button Machine Calibration Process and Certification

Snap Button is a pair of interlocking discs made of metal or plastic, commonly used in place of buttons to fasten clothing. An item that is considered hazardous if it fails the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Sharp Point Test before or after simulated “ Use and Abuse testing.” So we need to calibrate the snap button machines. This article presents the Snap Button Machine Calibration Process and Certification details below.

This calibration certificate is provided after completing the calibration of the machine per the standard of ISO/IEC 17025:2005. It is better to do it by a third-party organization that is government-accredited.

An example of an Instrument Description is below:

  • Name: Snap Button Machine
  • Identification: AZ-DK-SNP-05
  • Make: Ngai Shing
  • Model/Type: NS-47
  • Receipt of Instrument: 18-05- 2022 Location where calibration performed: At client premises
  • Applicable Specification of Instrument to be: Not Specified
  • Calibrated Condition of Instrument to be Calibrated: Satisfactory
  • Basis of Calibration: Comparison Method with Standard Environmental Condition during Calibration:
  • Temp.: 25±10°C     pH: 60±20%
  • Equipment used for Calibration: Standard Light Meter & Standard Steel tape
  • Traceability : To National Standard vide Certificate No: ERTL(E)/CAL/Y007/0063/12-16 dated 20.01.2022 ENV(C)/170116/Y001/001 valid till 16.01.2023
  • Measurement Uncertainty: k= 2 corresponding to a confidence probability of 95% for normal distribution.
  • Laboratory Identification: Sticker is affixed for authentication of calibration
Snap Button Machine Calibration Process and Certification

Checking Parameters of Snap Button Machine Calibration

These are the key checklist for a Snap Button Machine Calibration:

S.I.Checking Parameters
1Pressure Test
2Machine Safety Device
3Tension meter check
4Lower Fabric Clamp
5Upper Snap Clamp
6Scale Position Zero
7Weight (15 lb)
8Verification accuracy of the force scale
9Reading of the scale should be 6.8 k±0.34 kg
10Upper Snap clamp
11Scale position Zero

Calibration determines that the snap button is safe for use to attach the snap in garments.

Snap Button Machine Calibration Process and Certification

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