Fabric is something used to make clothing in apparel industry. It is made by interlacing or interlocking two or more set of yearns.

Made from yarn and use for clothing process. There are 3 types of fabric found in this earth:

1. Woven fabric

2. Knit fabric

3. Non- woven fabric

We are going to discuss on fabric in this catering.

Best Canvas Fabric for Bags-Affordable Wholesale Solutions

The Best Canvas Fabric for Bags – Niceclothlife Offers Affordable Wholesale Solutions When it comes to creating high-quality bags, the fabric you choose is of utmost importance. Canvas fabric is a popular choice for its durability, versatility, and affordability. In this article, we will explore the best canvas fabric for bags, focusing on Niceclothlife’s products[…]

What is Scuba Crepe Fabric: Definition and Uses

Introduction In this world, there are thousands of Fabric Materials. Let’s learn about a very special Fabric material in this article. Scuba crepe fabric is a double-knit fabric that is made from a blend of polyester and spandex fibers. Here we present What is Scuba Crepe Fabric; Its Meaning, Definition, and different uses in clothing[…]

What is Yarn Dyed Fabric? Its Manufacturing Process

Fabric dyeing is a coloration process to make different colored fabric from Greige fabric. Generally, dyeing is done after making Fabric. What’s the easy way to set coloration patterns and designs on fabric without printing? Yarn dyeing is a way to dye yarns in different different colors. So those yarns convert to nice designs in the[…]

What is Neoprene Fabric: Types, Uses, Characteristics, Made of

Nеoprеnе, also known as scuba knit fabric or Polychloroprene, is a vеrsatilе synthеtic rubbеr fabric valuеd for its flеxibility, durability, and watеr resistance. With a widе rangе of applications from wеtsuits to laptop slееvеs, this uniquе matеrial is popular in sportswеar, fashion, and industrial usеs. In this blog content, we will discuss what nеoprеnе fabric[…]

What is Quilted Fabric? Characteristics, Types, Uses

Quilted fabric, with its special crisscross pattern, has been a favorite material for a very long time. It’s made by sewing layers of cloth together with some soft stuff inside. This makes it great for lots of things, like clothes, home stuff, and blankets. People have been making quilted fabric since the olden days, and[…]

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