Classification of Fabrics and their uses

Textile fabric is made of textile yarn. Two or more sets of yarn produced a fabric by interlacing , interloping or other process. Who does not know fabric or has not heard the word “Fabric”? Fabric is a textile material, we wear clothes made of any type of fabric. Fabrics are made by weaving or[…]

Job Responsibilities of Fabric Technologist in Apparel Industry

When we talk about textile apparel, we talk about fabric first. When we talk about fabric, we talk about fabric quality and price. There are 4 aspects of fabric from the technological point of view, construction, weave, visual defects, and shade before and after the wash stage. We cannot skip one point when you handle[…]

Responsibilities of Fabric Sourcing Department in Apparel

A cloth or garment is known for the fabric used on it. Because clothes are made of fabric by stitching. Fabric is the main material in the garments industry. If pants are made of denim fabric that is denim pants. Fabric sourcing is not an easy job as there are many factors included. Fabric sourcing is[…]

Best Fabric Materials for Manufacturing Safety Workwear

When selecting the best fabric material for safety workwear, there are many factors to consider. Not only does the fabric need to be strong and durable, but it must also be comfortable and provide safety features that meet industry standards. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best fabric materials for safety[…]

What is Fabric Specification Sheet?

Fabric is an important and basic element in clothing and fashion. We cannot imagine the world of human Beings with fabric in the era. The fabric has to go through many processes and tests up to the finishing process. There are many types of fabric used for various purposes. Textile and Apparel merchandisers spent a[…]

Difference between Single Jersey and Double Jersey Fabric

Commonly fabrics we used or purchased from various sources are two types. Woven and Knit fabrics. Besides this, some Textile items commonly used for functional purposes like Medical or Hygienic purposes technically differ from Knit and Woven constructions. They are non-woven fabrics, made by mechanical/ thermal bonding. Woven and Knit fabrics are constructed on the[…]

Calculate Fabric GSM by GSM cutter

What is Fabric GSM? GSM is grams per square meter (gm/m2), the fabric weight of every square meter, calculation value comes in grams. In order to assure the weight of the fabric which is going to be used in bulk production is as per the Buyer’s acceptable Quality Standard and Requirement. GSM is one of[…]

What is Stretch Fabric| Use of Stretch Fabric

What is the Stretch Fabric? Stretch fabric is some sort of garment which can be stretchable in any shape. it can be folded in any form we want. It’s comforting clothes. People of all ages need this for different purposes. Stretch fabric is very much popular in this generation around the world and it becomes[…]

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