Fabric is something used to make clothing in apparel industry. It is made by interlacing or interlocking two or more set of yearns.

Made from yarn and use for clothing process. There are 3 types of fabric found in this earth:

1. Woven fabric

2. Knit fabric

3. Non- woven fabric

We are going to discuss on fabric in this catering.

What is Leather Fabric: Types, Properties, and Uses

Leather fabric is a flexible and immortal material that has been utilized for quite a long time in different applications. It is known for its solidness, adaptability, and regular magnificence. Leather fabric is obtained from the skin of creatures, most ordinarily cows, and is handled through tanning to make a strong and usable material. In[…]

What is Scuba Knit Fabric: Properties and Uses

Knit fabric has lots of variations and types. Mainly 3 types of fabric; Woven, Knit, and Nonwoven. Knit and woven Fabrics have many types. Here I am writing about uncommon knit fabric, which you may love to read. I am present here What is Scuba Knit Fabric: Properties and Uses details. Scuba Knit is also[…]

What is Sherpa Fabric: Characteristics, Types and Uses

We are looking for warm clothes, and see what are options to make us warm? Best Fabric looking for winter season? We need a sweater, jacket, hat, and blanket comforter; Here is the Sherpa for you. Here I present What is Sherpa Fabric: Characteristics, its types, and all its Uses. What is Sherpa Fabric/ the[…]

Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturing Process: 3 Steps

Non-woven fabric manufacturing process in 3 Easy steps Introduction Whenever fabric manufacturing is concerned there are basically,  three ways; weaving, knitting, and nonwoven process. Among those methods, the nonwoven is comparatively the latest and most high-tech process of fabric manufacturing. Nonwovens are defined as a web or sheet, of natural or man-made fibers or filaments,[…]

30 Different Types of Woven Fabric with Pictures

Nowadays, due to many enhancements and gradation, the public is more motivated towards the newness and freshness in everything. Whether you are creating new garments or clothes or trying to figure out the correct way to clean your dirty ones, having detailed knowledge of fabric can be important. This is more important if you have[…]

8 Key Applications of Nonwoven Fabric

8 Key Applications of Nonwoven Fabric in Automobile, Medical, Home Textile & so on Nonwoven fabric, a unique textile material, has gained widespread recognition for its remarkable versatility and adaptability. It has become an integral part of various industries due to its unique properties and applications. Unlike traditional woven or knitted textiles, nonwoven fabrics are[…]

Types of Color Fastness Tests of Textile Fabric

Types of Color Fastness Tests of Fabric In the Textile Industry When it comes to textiles and clothing, the vibrancy and longevity of color are paramount. Nobody wants their favorite shirt to fade after just a few washes or their curtains to lose their luster from exposure to sunlight. This is where color fastness testing[…]

Terry Cloth Fabric: Types, Advantages, Application

Terry fabrics have uncut piles on one or both sides like velvet fabrics. It is a fabric that has the ability to absorb large amounts of water. As terry fabric is soft and comfortable, this fabric is used in soft cloth items such as towels, diapers, etc. Terry fabric knitting or weaving can be made[…]

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