Fabric is something used to make clothing in apparel industry. It is made by interlacing or interlocking two or more set of yearns.

Made from yarn and use for clothing process. There are 3 types of fabric found in this earth:

1. Woven fabric

2. Knit fabric

3. Non- woven fabric

We are going to discuss on fabric in this catering.

What is Mesh Fabric? Different Types of Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabric, with its distinctive open-weave structure, offers a unique combination of breathability and versatility. A textile characterized by its distinctive open-weave pattern offers a world of possibilities. It’s a unique material that provides breathability, transparency, and versatility. In this article, we’ll unravel the essence of mesh fabric, exploring its structure, properties, and the myriad[…]

What is Waterproof Fabric? How to Waterproof Fabric

Waterproof fabrics are engineered using various techniques and technologies, each designed to create a barrier between the fabric and water. The fabric passes through Water Repellent finishes to be water penetration resistant. Two types of process are there. 1. Hydrocarbon: Hydrocarbon repellents which are hydrophobic and oleophillic, repel water but quickly pick up soil and[…]

Common Printing Defects in Fabric | Causes and Remedies

Detail Descriptions of Common Printing Defects/Errors/ Faults in Fabric, their Causes, and Remedies Printing can be defined as a localized application of dye or pigment as a paste to generate a pattern or design in a fabric. It is also called localized dyeing. Nothing is perfect, during the process of textile printing, printed fabrics have[…]

What is Lace Fabric? Different Types of Lace Fabric

From the beginning of time, lace fabric has been used to enhance clothing items, accessories, and decor in homes with a touch of elegance and sophistication. It is a delicate and attractive material. It is a preferred choice for formal events like proms and weddings because of its elaborate designs and light, openwork style. This[…]

What is Velvet Fabric: Velvet Types, Properties and Uses

Velvet fabric, also known as velveteen or Velveto Fabric. Its soft texture, rich colors, and distinctive sheen make it a sought-after material in the world of fashion, interior design, and beyond. In this article, we will delve into what velvet fabric is, explore its various types, discuss its unique properties, and uncover its versatile uses.[…]

What is Milk Silk Fabric? How is Milk Silk Fabric Made of?

Milk silk fabric, a knit Fabric, is also known as Milk fiber, or casein fiber. It is stretchy having 12% spandex blended on it. This property makes this fabric elastic. Since milk silk fabric is smooth and breathable, it is typically thought to be comfortable for regular play. It is also renowned for being hypoallergenic[…]

What is Moire Fabric, Definition and Uses

Moire Fabric, a woven Fabric, is also known as Silk Moire Fabric, watered Silk. The word “moire,” came from the French meaning is “watered.” So it is very understandable that it is a watered pattern mainly in the silk Fabric. It can be done on rayon, cotton, or wool. The ‘ watered’ pattern set up[…]

What is Pima Cotton Fabric? Its Properties and Uses

Pima Cotton Fabric, also known as Extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, Supima cotton; is considered the best cotton fabric for so many reasons. Very long cotton fiber during the fiber stage, so it produces very strong and soft Fabric. Another very important thing is Pima cotton wrinkle resistant. This cotton fabric is a textile that combines[…]

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