Traceability Audit in Garments Manufacturing Process

Traceability Audit in Garments Manufacturing Process

A traceability audit in the garment industry is a systematic examination of a company’s supply chain to verify the origin and movement of materials and products till the finished stage. It’s essentially following the trail of a garment, from the raw materials like cotton or yarn to the finished product on the shelf. In this article, we present a Traceability Audit Checklist for the Garments Manufacturing Process.

When it comes to garment manufacturing, a traceability audit confirms whether your business can follow a garment from the initial components (raw material) to the final product. This guarantees your supply chain’s accountability and transparency. This is a summary of how to carry out a traceability audit in your clothing production facility. These procedures will help you perform a successful traceability audit in your garment manufacturing process by helping you focus on the important areas. This will guarantee ethical and responsible production methods in addition to enhancing the reputation of your business.

Traceability Audit in Garments Manufacturing Process
Traceability Audit in Garments Manufacturing Process

Traceability Audit Checklist in the Garments Manufacturing Process

You can through a details Traceability Audit Checklist in the Garments Manufacturing Process:

SlQA Complete FileStatusCorrective ActionRemarks
1a) Order SheetX  
b) Final Inspection Report/Supplier self Inspection ReportX
c) Inline Inspection ReportX
d) Measurement ReportX
e) Moisture Check reportX
f) Pull test reportX
g) Design/sketch tech packX
h) Style confirmation reportX
i) Gold Seal/Top sample comments Note with all commentsX
j) Pre production Fit LogX
k) CMS Labelling & Packing InformationX
l) Print & Emb. Approval & Trim card/Trims Check list 
m) Pre-production Meeting ReportX
n) Test reportsX
0) Fabric Inspection Report & Fabric Others reportX
SlAccessories StoreYesCorrective ActionRemarks
2a) Delivery ChallanX  
b) Materials Inventory ReportX  
c) Trims Inspection ReportX  
d) All test reports like nickel, ferrousX  
e) Rejection report   
f) □Sewing Thread □Main Label □Care labele □Hang Tag □Swing Ticket □Carton sticker □Poly Sticker  □Poly Bag □Carton □Price Tag
NOTE:With received wise challan inventory report & inspection report then wash test .
SlFabric Inspection StoreYesCorrective ActionRemarks
3a) Delivery ChallanX  
b) Fabric Inventory ReportX
c) Fabric Inspection ReportX
d) Short/excess report 
e) Skewing/Bowing ReportX
f) Shade width combined reportX
g) Fabric relaxation reportX
SlCutting SectionYesCorrective ActionRemarks
4a) Lay contorl sheetX  
b) Cutting reportX
h) All fusing reports ( Temperature, pressure, machine calibration)X
i) All tests of fusing line peel bond strength, glue lineX
j) Cut panal Inspection ReportX
k) Panel Replacement ReportX
l) Shrinkage Test ReportX
SlSewing/QA SectionYesCorrective ActionRemarks
5a) Input stock reportX  
b) Button bingo cardX
c) Pull test reportX
d) Hourly production & monitoring reportX
e) Critical operation follow up reportX
f) Top 3 defect analysis reportX
g) First inspection reportX
h) Job break down sheetX
i) Sewing to packing reconciliation reoprtX
j) Machine set up & cut mark follow up reportX
k) Quality statistics process control reportX
SlFinishing SectionYesCorrective ActionRemarks
6a) Standard work sheetX  
b) Measurement reportX
c) AQL 1.5 inspection reportX
d) Finishing defect analysis reportX
SlPacking SectionYesCorrective ActionRemarks
7a) Packing goods inspection reportX  
b) Standard work sheetX
c) Approved trim cardX
d) Daily packed carton weight reportX
e) Metal detection pass reportX
f) Delivery challan reportX
g) Style reconciliation reportX  
h) Left over garments packing list   

In general, traceability audits are turning into an essential instrument for garment manufacturers to guarantee sustainable practices, fair sourcing, and openness across their supply chains. If any discrepancy is found corrective action has to be Taken. By conducting regular traceability audits, garment manufacturers can ensure transparency, improve quality control, and build trust with consumers.

Traceability Audit in Garments Manufacturing Process

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